Another note for historians

There is ABSOLUTELY no sense within media, politics, or policy making cultures, of the enormity of what we have done., There is no sense that our world will never ben the same after this, that we have to prepare for a new world we have just dictated for ourselves. There is on 7th December 2017, not a single sense of the enormity of what we have done. And journalists and policy makers are still staring at their own reflection on twitter and maintaining an echochamber where business as usual continues.


When the trash takes itself out…

There is a perception that somehow the EU27 will come to the realisation the UK was good for Europe and will somehow temper our behaviour by thinki ng of our interests. The position of the UK, geo politically, had been changing for a while. Aghanistan was our last foreig policy hurrah, the interventions in the Arab Spring wil yet be shown to be catastrophic, the shine was being taken off every single sector in turn over a period of time, our timezone meant our role as an Atlantic Bridge would have to be redefined. The Eurocrisis meant the same and the biggest threat of the Eurocrisis was the impact on our economy because of our repuation for stability. We made ourselves the source of instability, we triggered this process without even understanding what it was and we demonstrated we do not have the stability to manage being cast adrift so have fucked up our future economic trading relationships. The EU27 are now each obliged to make sure that Bredit is beneficial to their individual nation and they take some of what is liquidated, and to make sure the whole is noever threatened in this way again. The EU27 is oblkiged to contain us and cast us adrift and keep us stable fior long enough that the door can be shut firmly on us.

The change in the US, and European relations made our position untenable. Our economic and military decline and the eorsion of our presence on the world stage made our position untenable, changing global power dynamics and the wrong time zone meant we would have to fight harder. Generating this kind of threat for Europe at this time was an act of reckless self regard and insane delusion that they have to contain. The notion that this is some kind of easy negotiation where they will act in our interests when they wont is about praying that we can go back in time. The usefulness of a thorn in the side of EU integration while the US is behaving the way it is was limited, one who behaved the way we did has no sue at all., We are not in a negoitiation, we are being ciontained and we are playing along while we are dealt with,.

Left/right tribalism

Is interesting  because so few people actually think that way. I am talking about institutions absolutely subject to political consensus. Civil service institutions uphold the rule of law universally and temper that tribalism by unpicking it from policy. Noone shares this tribalism which makes the incredulity of those who think that way when they encounter this noteworthy.

Sometimes I think about how this occurs. I am discussing the relationship between Looked After Children and the State, and equality legislation, these things are not subject to the whims of party politics. These are embedded in the consensus tribalists orbit. And that is where the problem is. These were upheld by institutions left and right tribalists didn’t have toc onsider. These are stabilising institutions. Left and right tribalism is in itself a form of stabiliser. we dont want change happening all the time and it works quite well to have this form of tribalism maintaining stability. The problem comes when those institutions are eroded and we need to discuss political consensus. The end of cycles. Then the tribalism which is about maintaining stability beciomes  a barrier to discussing system failure. Which is what austerity did.

Not only did it power the left, whose function is to act as a safety valve and prevent change but it showed their limitations because their protection of identity leads them to naturally work to avoid discussion of political consensus. Its the natural consequence of a cycle ending. It would always have come, its just a shame I got caught in the crossfire and our left were so disgistng. I cannot and will never think about left and right tribalism because I am trained not to, and to understand how that blinds you. We maintain functions across the political economy to do this for a reason.

What Brexit means, if the crisis generated in our cash transfer system, local authorities and around these systems didn’t, is we have to look at institutions. We have to look at the data they provide, we have to relearn what they do. And in the crisis all the superfluous bits and barriers to this will fall quickly. We will be forced to address how our institutions function, which  generate instability and which maintain stability. This is overdue and the consequence of institutional erosion over a long time. The problem we have is that all the academic disciplines, political machinery who should be able to do this, cant. And have to learn first. So that means we are entering a period of serioous as fuck crisis.

Identity crisis

A lot of people right now are discussing UK political problems in terms of a national idnetity crisis. That is not what is happening. Mostly people in the UK know who we are. The identity crisis in in the cultures and institutions which emerged within the policy making culture and media culture Thatcher began so she could bypass institutions. The right of our press are in some weird false ultra nationalist extremist identity put forward by right wing press and not even representative of most who classify their views as on the right. The left of this culture has intertwined with what was left of the old left and morphed into this and their false identity is driving Corbynism. It’s not our identity at stak,e, its the identities projected by dying media organisations. They have entered a landscape which adds a social dimension to political communication and the astroturf of Corbyn and the Brexiteers is the result. Abusive internet cultures trying to maintain a false identity while the country watches. We know who we are, its those at the heart of things who dont know who we are, and as a result dont know who they are. They are drowning in apite of the lies they told themselves to justify a way of doing business the financial crisis and leveson should have told them was over.

THere ability to retain power was based apparently on their ability to confuse reality and fiction and the abusive internet manifestation is how far they will go to protect that. The question is the speed at which the rest of us see through it because a nation in this situation unable to see the difference between fact and fiction have only reflex. That is the reflex to blame and to target objects they define as being to blame. I am currently one of those objects. So is every welfare claimant, looked after child, immigrant, even public sector workers. We are obkjects for people who cannot tell the difference between reality and not. Rule of law does not temper this because they cannot see it, they have already rolled over it. There are no brakes on these people outside reality and they react to reality by lashing out at those already defined as objects.

We havent done the Brexit assessments yet

THis is a note for historians. We pretty much knew this. We pretty much knew from their faces the day the Brexit vote went through that they had no idea what they had done, we knew when they went into Brexit negotiations like they were armed with a McKenzie friend and a few photocopied bits from a chatroom for Brexiteers. We knew. We knew at the time they did this with nota  fucking clue. The press latched onto these assessments which had clearly not been done so they could pretend we hadn’t done this, because they had done this. We knew this was a catastrophe, we just couldn’t do anything about it and the extremists of the Labour left saw Brexit as their moment too. It’s really as simple as they don’t understand the systems they govern and reflex to demonise the EU, Benefit Claimants, and immigrants, is all they know how to do now. This is why austerity did what it did its why Brexit is happening. We cant impact them. Its a sealed off media and policy making culture and even though the newspapers at its core are dying we cannot break the spell. The absurd left and right tribalism you can see on twitter from this period was the final seal. It’s not sustainable but nor is this. We are in the shit.

Identifying yourself as good

One of the things I realised at LSE was how universal the symbolism of the lone parent is. We are an object onto which they project their own dysfunction and lashing out at us makes policy makers who cant see us feel they have addressed something. This is not an unusual thing. We will always seek to do this to explain events we dont like, unless we reflect. What is abundantly clear is the reason austerity did what it did was that the left, the guardian, the Labour Party and our trade unuions had decided this was what would happen. The more we suffered the more their self image would be boosted, the more strenuously they would prevent dis cussion of political consensus, the more we suffer. We are not allowed to challenge them. Our trade union structures form the basis of an aristocracy and they want this power. As they have no connection to us outside taking our money they dont see being accountable t us as part of their role. They had decided who was to be targeted and as they were not aware of the rule of law that has evolved as the baseline of citizenship it was just rolled over. Now we see how successful that has been as crisis force policy makers to address what institutions actually do.


I wanted to talk about the danger of creating an identity for yourself as inherently good and the reason it is so bad. When you do that you place yourself at the centre of the story, and make your identuty the story and the people ‘speak for’ are required to be grateful and not tell you you are being an abusive cunt. We get held down by the left while we are hit, and they expect our gratitude. We cant even discuss the way the left have done this, we cant challeng the way the Guardian decided austerity should removce citizenship because of the way they define themselves. We cant damage their identity by challenging austerity or discussing political consensu they are part of.

The culture who use single parents as on object identify themselves as being nice, with anythin they suggest be imposed on us being inately beneficial. The only conversarion that these people can cope with is one where they are a mediating class and we should be grateful for their intervention. They need this identity and then they gaslight and abuse and as we saw with austerity, and now see with Brexit, they absorb discussion into anything impacting us into a discussion of their own identity. That citizenship changed in 1945 doesnt matter to them because in their class they only ever saw thath as temporary and never addressed that they have no function if that is not the case,. Thuis is why our citizenship was so disposable to them. If we say this is causing us harm as you see with the likes of Owen JOnes and Zoe Williams, they can blank thaht out and say its unreasonably attacking them. Our lack of gratitude is the problem then,.

You can;t ask the likes of Zoe Williams to reflect on the way they are manufacturing this, because they dont know. And because they cant reflect on their own identity they dont realise that we actually dont have a mediationg class, and this is not actually normal or their right. You will be arguing with these people about deaths in the tens of thousands and all they can hear is an insult to their identty. That’s how this works. I dont know what the final death toll will be. I think we will find out but I dont see they have had a problem doing it when its thousands, and I dont see they would have a problem if the numver exceeded that by a long way.

You cant discuss the way the posh left and the Guardian decided we would be abused by the state, because they wont even acknowledge that is what htey do. Asking them to reflect on the seriousness of the situation and the power they exercise  is bullying because they are inherently good therefore acknowledging they just did this is impossible. So they gaslight and abuse and demonstrate power dynamics. They cant reflect on piwer because it might reveal they are illegitimate, and so they wont. You cant point oyt that in a democrcay they work for you and not the other way round because these people from a class who never thoughht citizenship for the people they perceived as ‘the poor’ was real and never once accepted we were who they worked for. You cant point out that the Guardian uses a trsut fund and the LSE is the preserve of rich kids, cos it interrupts their vusion of themselves as improvers of the poor.You cant mention that an improver of the poor reliant on elite social closure in this day and age is unlikely to have a function for long. They experience narcissistic innury when your reality reminds them their identity is false.

Whatever the crisis now, the mediating class that did this are done. Labour cant be elected till they address this and the GUardian and New Statesman wont survive this. The problem is they are holding the country hostage and their epitaph is the way they are holding us hostage now. It turns out Labour, the Guardian and their class never wanted the working class to be enfranchised and were willing to work to undo it \t the first opportunity,. Evolutions in power dynamics cannot be undone.  You can just abuise people to say they dont matter, but you better hope they dont because otherwise that is not sustainable, We are now going to see if the rule of law ever mattered and this country is fucked if it didnt. =

The Labour left have worked to prevent people discussing austerity, showed our trade unions are now the property of posh kids and they are determined that if its not the ‘brutal’ Tories, it has to be the extrtemeisrt of the Labour left. As always the policies are virtually the same.The counmtry are saying fuck off. Twitter messages emotionally blackmailing people with Tory govt are on the rounds. So we have an interesting situation where the only party not looking to address welfare, the party who really need ius to suffer want the suffering to help them. They think this is their moment.

These people are  disappearing into a pit of their own narcissism., I identiify as will end up the death cry of the left. They are slowly finding out you cant just identify as someones repesentation and enforce it and enforce it. The problem is that these cunts are now locking us into a hard brexit and still refusing to let us break the bullshit left and right debate that is about their identity and nothing else. By the time they have stopped holding us hostage the country will be broken. Cunts.


Electoral commission and twitter and facebook

Electoral commission say we face a perfect storm of threats. Because our media, politics and policy making cultures moved into a chatroom without the first thought about the power they were transferring or the structure of their new environemnnt, we have to look at the safety of elections themselves. Of course the first suggestion up is that we need photo id for voting, which is just a means to disengfrachise the poor. Funny, it wasnt that handed all that power to twitter and the people who did this are still there wasting away watching their own reflections. Shame its our country that is wasting.

Message to Corbynites about what you have achieved:

If you are a Corbynite one of two things is true, you are either a cunt or stupid. You are probably both.

You believe a grassroots movement can be owened by a political party and controlled by one man, and that subordinating discussion of the most viscious policies for generations is activism. You are an idiot.

You believe that a group of Oxbridge brats and ageing elite pampered men can construct a working class identity which other people have to obey. This makes you stupid and a cunt.

You are stupid enough to believe that triangulation on welfare cuts, preventing discussion of austerity, and a chatroom where you abuse women and jewish people, makes you a socialist. Idiot and a cunt.

You are able to witness the abuse and intimidation of welfare claimants, women, jewish people, and say thats ok, That makes you a cunt,. That most Corbynites have constructed an identity for themselves as inherently good and this allows them to abuse people makes them dangerous and stupid cunts willing to harm peope on demand.

The two main things Corbyn has contributed to public life are evidence that the Labour movement have handed our trade unions to p[osh kids, and that the Labour left have been the protective seal for the neo liberal consensus. Outside providing an explanation as to why our trade unions did not know what austerity was or how it would impact institutions, I think that is just about the contribution the labour left have made.

If you are a Jeremy Corbyn supporter you are guaranteed to be either stupid or a cunt and you are probably both. I don’t think there is an exception to this rule. There has never been a bunch of more stupid, gullible and cuntish people at the Labour Party’s disposal.



Personal feelings and political affiliations

I am harbouring a lot of anger about what has just been done but my anger is not where it should have ended up. During austerity I made my peace with Margaret Thatcher and while I dont forgive the eighties and the impact on my mother, I get that this was the context of a time when we represented something new. I had assumed I was a Labour voter, but my hatred of Labour particularly the Labour left is visceral. It will NEVER be forgotten that they did what they did. That they gave our trade unions to posh kids, they allowed posh kids to subordinate discussion of our citizenship being rolled away and that their press made sure it went through. I will NEVER vote Labour again. I would rather vote Tory than Labour by a country mile and I dont think I;’d vote for them either. There is nothing that could repair my feelings there, nothing. Nothing Labour could ever do now to make up for what they have demonstrted and even in the situation we are in I see them as the reason for the problem and the biggest barrier to solutions. I blame them for this.