Quick post before bed: DUP and #askmayformoney

THeresa May fucked up the election. No doubt. Weakened she went to the DUP, who are well aware they are despised. They have views that make my hair curl, but enough people share those views in Northern Ireland that they are elected and Arlene Foster works within the democratic process. DUP and Sinn Fein have worked with each other for years and years and years. Compromise and tough negotiation is the Northern Ireland political brand.

A comedian called Richard Herring, who I think writes a column in the Metro and does some telly, thought it was disgraceful that money had been handed to people who hated humanity. And I had to stop and take a breathe when I saw that. In Richard’s world he is good, and like anyone constructing an identity for themselves as good, they need a foil and his world this common, rough, chavvyt woman, with her questionable views represents all that is wrong with the world. This DUP woman, who like many of her peers was part of aprocess where people put down differences that were generations and generations old, and for the sake of their country they moved past violence and established democracy. Northern Ireland’s no longer fragile peace was undermined by the relentlessness of the austerity burden they bore. Northern Ireland was invisible to our good and virtuous media left and so noone really minded that the austerity burden placed on that country exacerbated tensions and threatened fractures.

It went unnoticed by our good and virtuous dinner party set as they wrote their funny columns.  This woman with her questionable views, was already part of a process of ending a war. The people in that peace process have all achieved more than any of us will in a lifetime. I dont like Arlene Foster, i dont like Martin McGuinness, I struggle with the sectarianism that I know blights communities and lives. Arlene Foster was cheered when she attended Martin McGuinness’s funeral. That cheer a symbol of something achieved beyond imagination.

Arlene Foster negotiated hard. She didn’t negotiate for nasty horrible issues, personal grievances, she negotiated a billion pounds. To be spent on pensions, healthcare, education, infastucture and a specific 100million for deprived communities. In a deal so cleverly structured that even though he won’t admit it, Gerry Adams is delighted. The door is open to power sharing resuming because of it. The austerity that impacted Northern Ireland so harshly because they are invisible to England, just saw some amelioration. A ‘bung’ to the poorest region in the country, by a politician representing the people who voted for her, and fighting hard to get them what they needed.

Twitter is outraged. The likes of Richard Herring would much prefer someone palatable like Jeremy Corbyn, who sided firmly with terrorists and offered unequivocal solidarity to them, who bribed posh students with a tuition fee pledge paid for by welfare cuts that were so barbaric, so inhumane that IDS resigned. A group of single mothers, with toddlers, took a Judicial Review to the High Court, and it was ruled that this cap caused misery for no reason. They didnt get any support from anyone really, and the Labour Party manifesto was clear they and their children were fuel to generate middle class votes. Richard Herring would much rather have a nice palatable socialist, who does that, than a party who were part of ending a war, fighting for the actual poorest people and region in this country.

Twitter is outraged that the poorest region in the country got a bung. Like tuition fees wasn’t a bung for students.  One of the side effects of the very clever deal Arlene Foster struck, is that the major UK political party who still nominally believe in democracy are stable in government. The party trying to exploit tragedy for their own gain, who attribute causes to fires who are not out, who believe in democratic centralism and bribing posh kids with the food from poor childrens mouths, are upset by this. Tough.

Give me someone with views I disagree with who will fight that hard for their electorate, especially the poorest, over the bullshit of the left anyday.  I wonder who has done most good in the world. The woman who was part of ending a war, and who just argued and won and got a billion quid for the poorest region in the country, or the man who writes amusing ditties in the Metro?

#askmayformoney. You dont need to. Social care is collapsing, our cash transfer system is collapsing, our child protection system has barely been functioning since before austerity. There was political consensus on it and the left abused anyone who discussed that consensus. In order to reestablish those systems there has to BE political consensus, because they have to last 70-80 years. So that wil require #askmayformoney, it will also require a Labour Party who can be part of that and involvement by other parties. In the next Tory manifesto I guarantee you that will be reflected. When Corbyn left welfare cuts so imhumane IDS wouldnt deliver them in their manifesto, he was admitting he cant see that system failure. Which is astonishing as his power base is trade unions who absolutely should be able to.

The ONLY political force unable to address this system failure is Corbyn. Not May. Come the next election what wil be on offer is middle class votes paid for with working class suffering, and reductive juvenile tribalism, and a party who will be seeking to build consensus to redefine those systems. But you know Corbyn ticks all the boxes for our media luvvies, and says the right things and is the right class so media guppies like Richard Herring can feel good about themselves and good about how terrible everyone else is.

I see more evidence of compassion, of willingness to fight for people, and more evidence of material benefit created by her existence for other people, from Arlene Foster than I ever see from the elite left.

Glastonbury and the De Facto PM

This week, after a tragic fire, several terror attacks, and a catastrophic election campaign Jeremy Corbyn enjoyed a one point lead in opinion polls that could be margin for error. There has been a cyber attack on parliament, a tragedy at a tower block rooted in 30 years disenfranchisement and erosion of housing responsibilities, and Brexit negotiations in full swing, Jeremy Corbyn’s followers say Jeremy is our De Facto Prime Minister.

The man who woke up the morning after Brexit demanding we immediately trigger Article 50 without knowing what it was, is at Glastonbury. He told 250quid a ticket holders about a politics for the many, not the few. He tells them this is a new politics, and his version of using welfare cuts to pay for a tuition fee bribe was the true socialist conclusion to a fake anti-cuts movement fuelled by those welfare cuts. This while single mothers with toddlers go to the High Cour themselves and have the welfare cap he retained in Labour’s manifesto, ruled unlawful and cruel.

He poured 7quid a head beers and told an excited crowd about the new socialism where social workers, cash transfer system workers, housing workers, local authorities, don’t need trade unions because he and his posh mates do. Armies of weak minded weirdos will spend their days hunting down working class people to abuse for disloyalty to a Labour left who inherited power and passed it down through elite institutions.

It has been extraordinary to see the last few years. Austerity was not only the end of the post war settlement, but the reflex which exposed the Labour left. And as they demonstrated they would use austerity to completely disenfranchise millions of people for their own gain, we reached the end. System failure.

Grenfell was a crisis wihch should expose some of it. Those mums at the High Court were another. I don’t judge people for how they deal with tragedy but it is actually disturbing watching the real time rejuvenation Jeremy Corbyn gets from the tragedy, abuse and misery of the people he wont return trade unions to. Its disturbing to see a man look twenty years younger, as a response to tragedy which should lead any normal person to reflect and feel some pain.

Corbyn’s destabilisation strategy of exploiting tragedy hasn’t worked. 35% think Corbyn would be best PM, 34% think May, and 30% are unsure. The public know this man is disgusting and dont quite know what to do because May is so catastrophic.

Jeremy Corbyn has used this period to demonstrate who he is. An upper class waster, willing to destabilise a country who feeds on the corpses from tragedy like a vampire, while ensuring the only protest working class people have is death, abuse by the state and tragedy.

The De Facto PM is in fact the sitting PM, dealing with Brexit negotiations, Camden, Grenfell, the fallout from Grenfell, and several terror attacks, including a cyber attack on Parliament today. Not the sociopath parasite rejuvenated by the deaths of working class people, in a field telling 250 a week ticket holders about this new version of socialism he has discovered, where welfare cuts ruled unlawful and cruel by a judge, can pay for a tuition fee bribe.


First of all, am nowhere near a housing expert and all musings that follow should bear that in mind. If you do wish to read the musings of someone who knows stuff, I recommend this post by @nearlylegal. 

This is a more general rant, because Camden are about to temporarily rehouse 4000 people. Anyone who knows even the slightest bit about social housing, the state of local authorities with regard to housing responsibilities, knows that this is an extraordinarily huge task. I have already seen conspiracy theories, and we have a week of fairly irresponsible media behaviour after the events at Grenfell Tower, which am still not able to address in more than an oblique way. I am sure I will in future.

We saw with Grenfell what happens when risk is sat on, tonight we see the cost of acting. This is where Local Authorities sit. All the duties, rights, responsibilities that noone gives a fuck about, are held here. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Yes, their response will always be shaped by what political winds, and that is shaped by media and the electorate, and what they do will always be structured by legislation and institutions who enact it.

Local Authorities are crushed by public consent and demand, and kept invisible by left and right and still they maintain and uphold the balance of these responsibilities, walking the tightrope that means damned if they do and damned if they dont.

They do this while their institutions are hollowed out, the resources they have to do this with are contracted out, sold off, liquidated, while they maintain these responsbilities. Which cannot be abdicated. These are institutions run on a cover your arse reflex because they are the site of political responsibility for all these tensions that everyone wishes we didnt have, until crisis makes us demand to know why we didn’t do this. This is the grey light in which housing, child protection, mental health and a million other services that our policy makers are no longer taught the existence of, never mind value of, operates.

Grenfell is a crisis sat on top of system failure, and like all crisis of this nature we will find that erosion of institutions, cumulative flaws, and institutional indifference repeated at all levels of decision making made the space for tragedy. THis is not new. Nor is it new that this crisis will expose other crisis, as well as educating us in our how these systems are linked. The nature of these crisis is that we will be brought face to face with the fact that this was done by consent over a long period. And consent is something we all want to hide from and so we run to the Labour left for absolution and to hide the consensus on this.

Tomorrow that will be played out by a media culture who have no knowkedge of these institutions, demanding scalps rather than answers and giving no fucks that some poor bastard at Camden Council had to make a decision to relocate 4000 people and now has to carry that out. Get them temporary accomodation, make sure it is all on a legal basis, get them in there, get those buildings sorted, and get them back into their homes. They will be doing this with institutions and resources eroded and kicked to death, that never evolved to do what we needed them to do in the first place, demanding scalps and answers that are firmly rooted in the political narratives they sell. The left will be demanding Tory scalps, so we dont notice trade union functioning has been impeded by elite social closure, and posh kids get to use the trade unuons that should represent these workers. There will be conspiracy theories where ballsups that are guaranteed when eroded services go beyond their logistic capacity, in times of stress, are attributed to malign intent. People who rightly fear being cleansed from a city where the poor are erased, in times of duress are vulnerable. Every half witted journalist will be looking for a stick to beat Camden with. All in desperate avoidance of the one thing they could do to help this situation and every other like it. Grow the fuck up and behave. Use these crisis to learn how these systems fit together, and then remember it longer than the news cycle so when you are demanding the political priorities that mean you never have to think about housing, you remember that what you are demanding has consequences. If you really want to address the inequality at the root of all this, you could do that.(I bet you dont)


So we managed to get a Queens Speech, stripped of manifesto promises, as the Tories try to adjust to a deeply unstable terrain. The day of rage demanded never appeared, as a nation tired looked on in horror. The people at the heart of the Grenfell tragedy have had to ask for grief tourism to stop and am avoiding the news. Calm has descended. Briefly.

This is the level of utter batshittery we are discussing here…

I would strongly urge reading this. These people are fucking insane.. This is what it looks like when elite social closure entirely eats the power of labour, and political parties themselves. Juvenile moronic posh kids who don’t know they are the seal for neo liberalism, even though their elite institutions do not change, using austerity they prevented discussion of, and hoping to sieze power. You see any word in there about the system failure we are also sat on? No. Dipshits.

One reflex to end our inequality crisis

There is only one thing which will end our inequality crisis. One reflex has to end. The one where you lash out and pretend that inequality did not reach these levels by public consent. That reflex where you lash out to find a mystery elite is what keeps this going. The only thing Labour ever had to do was say sorry, we maintained this to. Instead they devour on death, tragedy, suffering, while erasing the consensus that causes it. Feet on the throats of those already dying as they extract maximum political value.

For a brief second underneath the Corbyn chaos it looked like Labour stood for something. They don’t. Parasites and vultures who would do anything and risk anything and anyone, including this entire country, for their own gain.

My whole life from this point: Anyone but Labour.