While media and politics tribes..

While media tribes try to recreate the feminism online that caused the TERF mess, you should observe. Do you remember when #peaktrans was a hashtag and not the country refusing to play along with an abusive fantasy? Yeah. Twitter is cultures used to broadcasting, cultures who are used to being able to project an identity and its done. The cultures locked in narcissistic circles on twitter, have no means to reproduce. The delivery system for the belief system that shaped a planet for decades cannot reproduce and the tribes forming on twitter are just a symptom of that. Left and right used the same reflex to start reforming their tribes. The whole debacle showed that social movements will reproduce existing dynamics, that TERF was a symptom of deepr ooted systemtic problems and the reflexes that used social media to recreate that are now just a demonstration.

Searching for mentions of yourself in this blog

This blog was a record of my reflections while caught in a chatroom with a media culture who encouraged narcissism to protect their boundaries. The ONLY people whose names were mentioned in this blog were mentioned either because of their position in a system or their narcissistic reflex. The names in this blog are not people I know or am connected to, they are people who showed themselves up through their treatment of me as frauds. You are looking through a nine year blog about major system failure for mentions of yourself because you have issues. Major issues. Thanks for volunteering the reflex that drove that media culture but its done.

Trans rights activism exposed problems in academia, problems in Westminster and the nutty misogynists like Roz Kaveney who have ensured there is zero support for male pattern abuse dressed as feminism was useful for that. For exposing systemic problems.

I was always grateful for the crisis they generated but really they were illustrating structural problems and because they were too dumb and narcissistic to see beyond hteir own identity, they think the questions are about them.

Twitter tribalism is a phenomena. Its more interesting in the beauty guru world than the echochamber created by our elite cultures parking themselves in a chatroom..far more interesting. And bigger. With more impact on the world.

Reflex that isolated me

Were reflexes, will be demonstrated again. Political spectrum reforms within any nascent social movement, hard left, far right, elite power structures. I may have got the first reflex, I may have got it early, but those reflexes were just one occurrence of something that will reoccur. The side who did that because noone will stand with a fascist, will do that repeatedly, far left will do the same, elite cultures will do the same. Its worth watching it occur. Each time you will have people saying the far right, far left, and elite existing cultures are our movement and each will demand you ignore the systems and laws that self id crisis was about. I wish this was new. Its not even remotely new. Twitter speeds it up.

Women stood together it made a charge, the dispersal after that is existing political cultures absorbing it. Be careful who you stand with and the minute you find yourself saying the far right are not so bad, we shouldnt discuss these laws without centring posh feminists, and the far left are what we need, know you have been through this process and its done. Its sad but it doesnt mean a movement was wasted. The speed at which this occurs tells you a lot about stability in a country.

Sophie Walker and the feminist ‘movement’ needing new blood

There is no pause between elite feminists touching somehting, imposing their identity and making it about them. Austerity they didnt bother with, to be fair, because they didnt know about the systems exposed by the self id crisis. Which had been decimated by austerity. It took two minutes for the question to be ‘how can we include working class women and women of colour in OUR movement’ and there was no pause for the question of why and how these women keep imposing their identity on things that do not concern them, preventing women discussing anything outside their identity, and what right did they have to do this. Its pure narcissism.

My reasons for being consistent

  1. Never participate in twitter storms cos nasty for women lurks under them
  2. Never ask women to prioritise your identity when discussing their life
  3. Always consider power dynamics and never punch down
  4. Use the time media are learning to mix with us to get a demonstration of how things hae always been
  5. Apologise
  6. Learn
  7. Never mirror narcissistic patterns.
  8. Maintain blog as online buffer and record using same rules

I think those screenshots explain that that consistency was not shaped by principle, but pragmatism and was management and recognition of risks and the inherent in the environment.

Twitter has been useful. Thank god my behaviour was never shaped by norms on there.

To feminists serious about working and standing with women

If you have spent any of the last eight years identifying as a feminist around traditional actiism and media, thats great. The rest of us lived in a country where equality was rolled back and we need to discuss that consensus and what held it up. If you are going to lash out to prevent the part o that discussion tha includes how those who saw themselves as opposed to this contributed to it you are dangerous to the women who lived what you were insulated from. Expecting women not to discuss what happened in the last eight years unless it manages your identity is an abuse of those women and they wont stand with you because you are telling them exactly what motivates you.

It is not insulting you for women to discuss equality being rolled back in a way you didnt notice, without pretending you were a magical force against it. That was a consensus held up and even in the movement about that consensus we got a demonstration of why the rule of law is necessary. Those laws were the result of changes women made in the twentieth century and if you are ust learning about them that’s great, but when you tell women they can only discuss them if hyey manage your identity, you are trying to exert authority you dont have, exercise power you dont hae, and its abusive.

You want to stand with women you need to recognise what they are standing as a consequence of, and those women cannot discuss their lives with your identiyt as a posh feminist at the centre and what you do to protect that is doing nothing more than providing a minor confirmation of what htey already learned in the last eight years.

Huge thank you to @gendercritical

While its not the reason you sent me these, this folder of screenshots has done me the hugest favour. A hive of narcissism, after I left twitter, and the damage it did. One of the benefits of being off social media when this happened, was that this folder is literally what narcissism looks like feeding off itself.

This is what twitter turned into.

The discussion I have been having for eight years has been about the context for the toxicity of the twitterbubble, the systems and laws around male violence, women and children. What could never be seen by the culture whose echochamber you see on twitter. That folder of screenshots is a moment of the reflex that drives them, a swarm of narcissists literally feeding on themselves, because the object they think they are feeding from left their environment quite some time ago. THis folder is what happens when you discuss context in an environment made up solely of identity without context attached to media. Its a useful folder but between that and a troll called Honeybadger I had to ask if there was anything evidenced in this folder which suggested an environment where these systems could be discussed? No. Twitter identities becoming hollow as real national crisis put them in context. This hive at the centre of a pattern as predictable as a spirograph. If all an environment can do is demonstrate, that is a predictable reaction to use. The only hting you ever have to do to beat this pattern is learn from it and move on. It will continue without even being present. As this folder demonstrates.

Actual reflection

The process whereby an abusive reflex causes an emotional reaction. A reconstruction. If you can use that process, harness it, learn, reflect, extract learning, it is always about growth. That ability to grow, learn, reflect, is what makes functioning adults and a healthy society. It is undermined not by good or evil, but by those who will never be able to do this, who drift together and seek validation of false identity by creating destructive circles. Reflection is painful but better than the alternative. My reflections for the period.

It is THIS ability which always beats narcissism, its not possible in a twitter environment but it will 100% of the time always take you beyond a narcissists reach. Our entire media and policy making culture is built around this, which is why they cant learn. They can’t do that. Thats why they ended up like goldfish on the pavement or a bunch of piranhas on twitter. They just cant do that and they are reminded of the fragility of their identity by those who can. That is how you move past that reflex. Step away and let it go..

The pattern of a narcissist

I have been much better, am keeping my blog elsewhere but I thought it might be worth concluding here with the power of a narcissist. Some symmetry in this blog ending the way it did and the pattern that was demonstrated from both sides is interesting. Shame. A malaptive shame mechanism. Round in ever more elaborate circles. I would always have pointed out that no decent person stands with a fascist and in a movement about those activists, and those systems, the feminists ashamed of their own behaviour would have always done that. Because narcissism is maladaptive shame, now that I am out of their theatre their theatre should continue in circles continually trying to bring attention to what they are ashamed of. If you are lucky they will use ny name and tell you what they are ashamed of. Twitter is batshit, turns everything it touches to this because of its structure. Its why women organising offline is important. Reflex actions going round and round like a spirograph causing a neat bubble of destruction around themselves, demonstrating what they are ashamed of. Not much fun being caught in the middle of but I had sussed twitter out for that years ago and stepped out. The demonstration should if am correct be ongoing.

I have processed the last few months, am quite happy with the reflections it has caused. There has been political consensus on these systems for forty years and watching tribalism form and narcissism do what it does on twitter, showed how and why the rule of law is so important. I realised that had that NOT happened that would have been odd.

I am more than fine now. Am rested, events of recent months have been extremely useful. The two women who used a fantasist and bolstering my defamation due to their own shame should continue to demonstrate that. That false identity is all they have no matter how big structures built on it are, they are worthless.

Thank you for the offers of help and support but thankfully I have managed the risk of those behaviour patterns for the whole tie I used twitter, and it was all theatre once had left. Narcs trying to control their environment to eliminate what shames them. This is why the women involved in doing that to me just cant stand with women. They just cant do it and never could have. With transactivists we used twitter to demonstrate the problem, the elite left are doing that in real time and it is useful to see what would have happened if your movement had been dependent on those destructive women caught in managing an online fantasy projection of themselves. No movement can survive that, not one about women and what we do.



A working class women going near…

…elite feminism would need to be a) a masochist b) stupid c) have no responsibilities to children d) have no career to wreck.

I identify as a feminist is a bit like I identify as a woman, it means you are not one and you lash out at those who remind you of it. See yourself in competition with them. Its dangerous. Really. Am really happy posh feminists are beginning to learn about the laws and systems that protect the pursuit of equality for women, its nice, but htey really need to stop looking for real people to decorate their bullshit.

Elite feminist. Yeah that makes sense in the years where equality was rolled back and isnt just a demonstration.

We sorted out monarchy in this country but never expected an elite class who identified as good and would seek to protect it by causing harm.