Transgenderism: Abusive masculinity expressed through performance of femininity.


Being down

So this last few weeks I have been quite down. I don’t think that is a shock to readers seeing the flurries of posts. Is a very strange thing to live in a country where a hundred thousand people can be killed by policy, and everyone demand you dont mention it, it’s very much like when I worked in keighley and I had to see all the ways people wouldn’t see CSE and what else was in front of them. I am struggling to deal with it, there is no doubt, and the emergence of a nascent women’s movement is bringing it into relief because again am placed where I was in 2010 where the deal feels(and I say feel because quite frankly I recognise feelings are sometimes not that rational) like ‘you can be part of our movement if you don’t mention those people’.

Women are bound by biology and it would have been foolish to expect so many women to stand up with their differences and the power relations disappearing. Its so difficult to be in the midst of that repetition of the last eight years, knowing that this crisis is linked to the one you can see and that you still cant mention it. But babies, bathwater, you don’t throw the valuable bit out to purge the dirty water.

I fully support the Woman’s Place meeting next month, I know the women organising it, they are very good women. Me not going and me reflecting on how this feels is NOT about that and I still want women to go and participate, not just in Women’s Place but ANYTHING they choose. I just accept that some vehicles are not for women like me and unlikely to reflect on crossover I am concerned with.

Someone said today if someone goes to the effort to kill your perspective the way they do with mine you have a responsibility to speak and I will ccontinue to do so and if that means being marginalised again because I discuss political consensus, then that is how it has to be. I can’t figure out instagram(I know!Lol) so am going to continue with youtube videos for a while and this blog.

TS Voices matter

So I got this today.



1. We are a group of transsexual women from all walks of life who were diagnosed with the rare acute forms of gender dysphoria and treated in accordance with the modern medical science. We have completed medically our gender transitions, successfully integrated in the society and do our best to maintain meaningful personal, social and professional relationships as women. We value our privacy and the hard earned social and professional respect and strive to remain the valuable members of the society contributing to it in many ways. Our medical condition, social recognition and human rights are protected by a number of pieces of legislation which are the hard won results of the decades of deprivation, ridicule, abuse and our struggle for the basic human rights – to be allowed to be and to be treated as equal human beings.

2. We are increasingly concerned about the erasure of our ‘transsexual’ identity, our medical and social rights and the proposals of ‘demedicalisation’ of our rare condition and replacement of it with the obscure notion of ‘transgenderism’ as an ‘umbrella term’ for a variety of gender exploring and gender expressing pursuits undertaken by the people who, on most occasions, have no gender dysphoria and very little, if not nothing, in common with us. We are extremely concerned by the frequent statements in the media made by the people allegedly representing our interests among others that (a) ‘transsexualism’ is an outdated, non-medical, archaic, disused and even transphobic term of describing a ‘transgender’ person; that (b) ‘gender dysphoria’ is no longer a medically recognised condition and is not required (along with any other medical observation or diagnosis or involvement of the medical professional ‘gate-keepers’) for a person to ‘self identify’ as a ‘transgender’; that (c) all hard won legal rights protecting transsexuals should be legally altered to cover the wider variety/spectrum of ‘transgender’ people.

3. While ‘transgender’ and ‘trans’ were originally synonymous to those diagnosed as ‘transsexuals’, it is evident now that these terms are hijacked and appropriated by the self-proclaimed ‘social justice’ activists, transvestites/crossdressers, fetishists and people ‘exploring’ their gender, having complex mental health issues or the ulterior motives for their associations with ‘transgender’ community. This development prompted many transsexuals to refrain from using these terms and insist on being identified by our original medical term ‘transsexual’, disassociating as much as possible from those claiming to be ‘trans’ or ‘transgender’ without any medical justification.

4. We are concerned about the proposed ‘gender self id’ changes to the key legislation protecting specifically our needs and rights and expressly referring to ‘transsexuals’, not ‘transgender’, – Gender Recognition Act 2004. ‘Streamlining’ or making it easier for the individuals claiming to be ‘transgender’ without ‘gender dysphoria’ to obtain in an ‘over-the-counter’ manner the ‘Gender Recognition Certificates’ allowing them to change birth certificates and according them legal rights of the opposite sex and protections presently accorded to women and transsexuals under the Equality Act 2010 may bring adverse results. We believe that without genuine medical diagnosis, surgical and social transition, assurances of the absence of other mental health conditions and/or criminal record of violent or sexual crimes, an easier way of obtaining such significant documents would only result in the increase in crime and litigation, make our society less safe for everyone and cause a tremendous damage to the hard won good social reputation of the decent transsexual women. We strongly disagree with the recent claims by the Equality Committee that GRA-2004 was not working and needed to be changed dramatically. It worked well for most of the genuine transsexuals and the proposed changes would make it meaningless and serve not the needs of the people for whom it was originally drafted.

5. Having lived substantial parts of our lives as women and with women, we are particularly concerned about the rights of women of all ages and from all walks of life whose safety would be compromised by the uncontrollable self-identification of some men as women, their demands of access to female only spaces, their frequently demonstrated express misogyny, disrespect for the biological needs and specific rights of the young girls, mothers, lesbians and many other, traditionally, female only, social groups. While we greatly value the rights of the transsexuals, we would always object to any ‘trans rights’ encroaching and gradually erasing women’s rights or creating inaccurate medical, sports, criminal, consumer, political or any other statistics.

6. We are strongly concerned about the rapidly increasing transphobia some of our members have been experiencing for the first time in many years as a result of the intensive media activity of the ‘transgender activists’ successfully persuading some members of the public that ‘gender dysphoria’ doesn’t exist, that crossdressers and transsexuals are all the same under ‘transgender umbrella’, etc. Unlike the genuine transsexuals who have spent their entire lives trying to seamlessly integrate in the society without drawing unnecessary attention, seeking confrontation or gaining unfavourable reputation, many modern ‘trans activists’ see no other purpose to their lives than to earn petty political capital by confronting the entire world and demanding it to change and submit to them immediately. Transsexuals, by their very definition, aren’t political activists and until recently tried to avoid any confrontation even with the ‘trans activists’. But that was never a silent permission to make statements or demand any special rights on our behalf.

7. We don’t oppose anyone’s personal right to explore or express themselves and believe that further equality for any such individuals may be eventually achieved by the legislators. But we equally believe that no rights of any group should be treated as superior to any other group, no hard won rights of any group should be allowed to be hijacked or appropriated along with the group’s specific name and terminology, and that the society in general should not be allowed to be made a victim of the ‘loudest’ ‘social activists’ imposing on everyone else their new rules and definitions. Men and women, and even transsexuals, were here well before those calling themselves today ‘transgender’. And none of us, no matter how outdated, archaic or ‘cis’ we may seem to you, are leaving. Gender expressionists (‘transgender’) would have to learn to live with us and to respect our rights before their rights are accepted in any form. That’s why everything has to be debated, not imposed on the unaware public. And all rights have to accommodate and make sensible allowances for the rights of the other groups you co-exist with. One of them is us – the transsexuals. We know we don’t speak on behalf of all medically transitioned people, but our number is growing daily as more and more of us can no longer keep silent while being erased.

~ We hope to hear from more transsexual women who share our concerns. We have a secret facebook group to which you may be added – a safe space full of understanding transsexuals and a respectful discussion of our present predicament. ~



This is the problem, we are several years into this now. I do sympathise, I certainly do not wish the transsexuals(I use that and that only now, I do not validate transgender) I know, to face the backlash generated by this bullshit BUT I see no mention in there of condemning violence against women. None.

14th August 2018: What was abundantly clear.

THere was complete political consensus on local authority and cash transfer reform.

Said reform had saved no money and resulted in major institutional failure containing millions of the most vulnerable people in the country.

It was clear that the UK was at serious risk of fascism

Elite social closure had taken the power of labour, and elite social closure directly prevented anyone discussing this situation even at this stage.

The death toll was at least five figures already but noone knows how high it is as yet.

It was clear that should fascism emerge, the same women who had been hit by austerity would be the focus of blame.

It was clear that the ONLY thing that had to happen to neutralise this was women speak openly, and without fear.

And the response of elite women was to prevent discussion of it and pretend to be offering a venue for that discussion. ALL institutions now know they can use abuse of women and putting women and kids at risk to suppress discussion of this and Woman’s Place UK will be doing this if necessary. Most of the women involved with Woman’s Place are desperate to do what needs to be done and have no idea that they are being actively prevented from doing so. Its a fucking travesty.

When a joke isnt funny any more

The first time I was told I couldnt discuss political consensus on austerity rolling back equality for women, and removing our ability to uphold responsibilities to Looked AfterChildren, I thought the person was joking. Here we are eight years later and it turns out we are genuinely not allowed to discuss political consensus. Genuinely. Eight years. Even though its demonstrably false to suggest the left are the solution, even after they have abused women and introduced abuse of jewish people to our political system, they are still at it. Its amazing. The power of elite social closure.


I think this blog is recording the descent of the UK into a very scary situation, the world is about to look away and as the political forces which just actively prevented us discussing austerity, took our trade unions, demanded political parties don’t discuss us, are now using the self id crisis to prevent discussion of political consensus and doing the same, I do not see how we avoid this. We are going down a very dark hole and there is no mistaking the position of women like me and the commitment that will be shown to making sure this continues. Everyone wants to be seen as good which means noone can discuss political consensus which means women like me will continue to pay. There will be no exit from poverty from me, there will just be me recording as this gets worse. For the benefit of history.

Tara Hewitt

Tara believes women should be forced to carry pregnancies, and that this is a privilege which makes him the most marginalised woman ever.

Man demands women be forced into pregnancy and motherhood, man demands right to abuse said women….not that new. Man says this makes him a marginalised woman and the women forced to carry children against their will are privileged over him…that’s kind of new.

For the future

There were many points where it seemed possible to challenge this, but it is becoming clear that no matter what happens the same people will reproduce the same power structures to maintain the status quo to beyond crisis point. I never thought I would live through this and I am very worried that this was the first stage of something a lot more terriuble. If we cannot break the consensus that is doing this, and the left wont let us, and when women try the left turn up to stop it, which they are doing through Ruth and Karen, then it will continue. The end point doesnt change and the shifts I am discussing are accepted, but the period between now and then hstory tells us that terrible things can happen. None of the people currently at the heart of preventing us discussing this are bothered by five figure death tolls, I dont see that a few more zeros is going to bother them and this country is very unstable and they will protect their interests no matter what.

A shot fired to the heart of the main academic institution at the core has been VERY effective, so at the very least the work I have done has not been wasted but I cant impact this and there is zero way that the political cultures Karen and Ruth represent will allow us to speak. Zero. So. That’s that.

For a while it felt like there was a movement. I am going to start putting on those meetings but women like me were no platformed from the start by WPUK.  I may share at some point what I know about the way I was managed at the Todmorden WPUK meeting but I have a huge amount of fondness for the northern WPUK women and this is not their fault at all.