A working class women going near…

…elite feminism would need to be a) a masochist b) stupid c) have no responsibilities to children d) have no career to wreck.

I identify as a feminist is a bit like I identify as a woman, it means you are not one and you lash out at those who remind you of it. See yourself in competition with them. Its dangerous. Really. Am really happy posh feminists are beginning to learn about the laws and systems that protect the pursuit of equality for women, its nice, but htey really need to stop looking for real people to decorate their bullshit.

Elite feminist. Yeah that makes sense in the years where equality was rolled back and isnt just a demonstration.

We sorted out monarchy in this country but never expected an elite class who identified as good and would seek to protect it by causing harm.

WEP= Sophie Walker

Sophie Walker has stepped down saying there is a dearth of new ideas and activists. Bollocks. There is no dearth, there is no lack. THere is just Sophie and her friends reproducing their own identity and not caring who they stand on or the context of that> Equality was rolled back in 2010. We then found out the reason is that women like that dont understand the laws that bind our freedom from violence and abuse and they despise women like us and don’t think the law should apply to us. The WEP were appalling and despise the women Sophie is now claiming should be their new blood. We are not masochists. It is not safe to go near posh feminists, and if they were going to notice equality being rolled back they’d have done it by now.

Everytime you see a top table at an event claiming to be about marginalised women..

…realise taht the women speaking, the women with the microphone, they are the reason for that marginalisation and are demonstrating it. When you go to meeting after meeting and its the same elite group of women occupying that table they are telling you their role in that marginalisation and they are showing you the impact of how they treat the women they are exploitin. And they are ALWAYS exploiting.

When you see the tiny social network of women who made their name as feminists while equality was rolled back, using the impact of that to feather their own nests and they want you to applaud them for their wokeness, you stick your hand up and you ask why they are at that top table and why its their friends and wht connection they have to this issue and how much it pays them. You will get a very different answer from the women impacted but that top table will have made sure you never hear from them and will do whatever they need to make sure that happens. When you see the same women at the top table on rotation, you are seeing elite social closure. Not activism. Elite social closure actively preventing women participating democracy. While austerity does this.

I have had no social media contact since November. Mindblowing.

The Honey Badger

Oi Walsh!
I’ve got news for you too. Normal people don’t stand with lying, transphobic pieces of shit like you.
By the way, stop your lies about Adrian Harrop. All right? He is not under investigation from the GMC and, even if he was, do you seriously think they’re going to take the word of a total bullshitting nutcase like you??? Adrian is taking legal advice, from what I have heard, so if I were you I’d shut your mouth. Permanently.”
This is the fence political media built around themselves to maintain a twitter bubble. HOney Badger last seen on the prowl abusing people for their defamation of a child torturer David and his troubled son ‘Aimee’, and discussion of Green Party safeguarding failures. Here demonstrating the confluence of a fascist, twitter narcissist, child abusers and general hate. Sponsored by feminists and the left.
My interest is the relationship of our economic system to our social policy systems and the context around the rule of law. It cannot be discussed around this culture but this is a demonstration of the wall they created around themselves while the country went to shit. History will find this a lot easier to believe and laugh at than those in the middle of it. Eiht years, and I havent been on social media since November. This is what social media turned into and this is what media and academic feminism turned into. Disturbing as fuck.
Nuttier. Than. Squirrel. Shit.

How you know when you’ve discovered the intersection of class and sex.

1- You realise when your mam said she’d eat later she was lying.

2- You discover being gifted will only result in your abuse and not encouragement.

3- When people believe their own class identity places them above the law with regard to you.

4-When people get angry at you for not being the symbol of that in their head and hteir own identity and have the power to do so.

I have definitely done enough

I read back the I’ve done enough post. That whole time I have felt like a failure, like I was wading through mud and all I could see was the reality being reproduced endlessly around me. Because I couldnt see anything else I got a masters from the LSE, I got shortlisted for the Orwell Prize, I got a record of how a mediating class generate instability at the end of a cycle, I got ON RECORD a reflex that will continue to be demonstrated because of the belief system we have at the core of the institutions that create that belief system, its on record WITHIN that institution, where I placed that record and got it validated as a dissertation, and existing media institutions showed and demonstrated what Crenshaw said to the last through every wave of social movementd. Which I record. Thus validating Hayek. That record is mine. In the period where media was disenfranchising us I wrote for both sides of the political press, in the period where welfare economics was being used, I went to the institution at its core. I dealt with Labour, I dealt with the Conservatives.  Surprising that a meeting with a Tory MP brought the interest the left and feminists define themselves by but not unexpected when you have a crisis in your mediating class undermining the rule of law and generating crisis. I had to conclude we are a functioning democracy where bad things just happened, more welcome than the alternative.

This record may be valueless now but it will not always be. It clearly has power not commensurate to its readership given the targeting of me. And by the time that is added to with a Phd from Paris, identifying two streams of data from our cash transfer system and a local authority, demonstrating conclusively that those institutions evolved in tandemn and were shaped by the same forces, that value will have increased. These are significant times, records of this quality are thin on the ground.

That I have done this while bearing the brunt of austerity and being constantly abused by the left, and elite media institutions and figures who did it in the name of feminism only really only adds to the value of what I have done. Thta meant I only had to observe and endure. That was them volunteering a picture of the power dynamics they always thought existed that I could not have provided. Which allowed me to understand how a narcisstic reflex shaped this crisis and failure to respond to it. That they didnt know that when you have responsibilityies that cannot be abdicated, these crisis are required periodically to redefine institutions and synthesise learning so we can move forward, is because our cash transfer system, local authorities, and women like me, never had representation. Ingala Smith and Co are just telling you that on twitter. Not attacking me. They are telling you why.

That’s quite a lot to achieve when you are not looking. Thats what happens when you are focused on the things that are important, the rest seems unimportant.

I am thankful that my online behaviour was 100% consistent and I thank Karen Ingala Smith for demonstrating how far she would go to keep her foot on the throat of women like me but everyone saw. Even the women who pretended not to and decided that was ok because it was me saw. Thats the nature of power dynamics. That even in 2018 this culture would reproduce their own identity no matter what the cost.

Yes the actions of the likes of Ingala Smith are designed to make sure I cant translate this into actually working in policy, addressing this system failure, does that means she has the power? No. She didnt have the power to make the police stop me recording my thoughts, she didnt have the power to stop me or others learning from her behaviour and the image she is focused on protecting is largely just demonstrating the role her environment and culture played in selling austerity. Let it be demonstrated even as Local Authorities fail, Universal credit becomes a major political crisis and the death toll comes in. Now they have no other option but to show on twitter and through the activism they prevent that this was their only function and they are trapped in circles within it unable to offer solutions, because they can only see their own identity. Best avoided and learned from. Our political class having a nervous breakdown is important. But not as important as what comes after. What comes after defines laws and systems for seventy or eighty years no matter how big the crisis they are preventing us from addressing gets.

Who knew what when is important after crisis. Always. It was never my class identity htey were discussing, I was discussing the rule of law discussed at that House of Lords meeting, it was theirs. It was always their class identity and the power relations they felt existed between us. THey didnt, they were always telling me they couldnt see the rule of law when they demanded I discuss their class identity or political identity as a feminist or socialist. Which is why they had to create abusive environments around themselves on social media. Not really a long term or sustainable strategy even if you try to extend your power over peoples right to protest.

I think we can safely say that its no longer possible to disenfranchise someone with welfare economics and media and the reproduction of those power relations through every social movement elite women touch, is useful in itself. I thank twitter and the digital echochamber of our trade unions and liberal left press for their participation, but it really would have been easier and better had they been what it said on the tin. They didnt have to demonstrate those power dynamics but crisis are efficient and that is done. It cant be undone. That having done this makes me unemployable on or around the left tells you everything you need to know about the tension between their function and identity. That the rule of law comes before their identity and the sfaety of the most vulnerable people in the country and their protection under law is not threatened but their identity is. By their behaviour when this was happening.

What did you do during austerity auntie? I prevented people discussing it in a chatroom while they starved. Why? In the name of feminism darling, we couldnt identify as opposing these policies if we let them speak so we abused them and reproduced our own identity every time they tried….

Crisis will now get bigger and validate this assessment. Thats how you build power through careful observation and chronology. You make sure that at every point you have a record of those with power saying no, so that when crisis make that assessment undeniable the question to them is why. We are nearig the centre of this crisis and then the aftermath. We dont know how big it gets, we do know our mediating class are a blockage and will actively prevent every attempt to address it because they experience it as injury to their identity.

You can go on twitter any day and they will tell you its about their twitter identity. Even now. Historians will thin is mad, I think its sad.

A win

The class who sold austerity while removing womens ability to protest think my attention in that period was unwelcome. That is in fact the point of speaking truth to power, social media adds the benefit that you can record the reaction of power to truth. I dont think they have any clue yet how valuable this record is and will be. I think its where they are educated. Not prepared for the world and people who are not afraid. Oh well.

Political consensus being held up. Thats all I ever recorded. HOw a political consensus is held up. The narcissistic abuse from those upholding it is and has been telling. Very.

What cn never be feminist

Racism, classism, mens rights, misogyny. When people try to tally these things with a feminist identity they resort to lashing out in narcissistic rage at those who remind them of this and reproduce power relations in their environment. It just isn’t possible for racism to be feminist, it isnt possible for classism to be and it isnt possible for misogyny to be. Twitter and the fringes of our political media are what happens when people try to tally that at the core of their identity. To project it. Its why its dangerous for women and twitter feminism is just a demonstration of what went wrong with the dead tree press. Avoid at all costs.


The Challoners

So the Green Party failure in safeguarding is under scrutiny, and soon the targeting of women by this group of organised people tryin to undermine safeguarding  will be too. Please note the feminists who sought to use this, and to use organised abusive males trying to undermine safeguarding in a way that causes this harm, to harm women to silence them wen it suits. Note how race, class, motherhood are used. Never forget the women who used the power of organised peadophiles and abusers to harm women in the name of feminism. Never forget.