Sarah Champion/Mermaids/Twitter

So in two days Sarah Champion, a hard working and committed MP, has been faced with an adult male who seeks access to children, regularly says safeguarding is an insult to his identity and expresses a desire to have access to children outside their parents view, saying he believes that contraceptives and puberty blockers are required so eight year olds can be ‘sexually active’ and not disrupt their lives, and chastised someone for suggesting this is a problem. Sarah has also used a lie about a real suicide to blackmail and attack women. Why would a hardworking, committed MP, do this?

Narcissistic abuse. It creates a mirror. It creates dissonance. One thing appears to be the other, the brain is confused, and there is zero chance that on either occasion she understood this. NO amount of explanation will show her this because dissonance has to fall. On its own, naturally. This is the power of the narcissistic reflex that trans rights activists have relied on and this is the power a media based democracy relied on. It will pass., but its a demonstration.

#Butterfly, the drama which is the high point of Susie Green’s theatre to avoid anyone asking questions about what caused the psychological break in her child, achieves the same. There is only one thing to do with this, and that is to be what the narcissist cannot be, refuse to be a mirror, call what you see in front of you, and keep doing so until dissonance falls. We are at the shouting stage and once that’s done, it’s done.

It’s hard to explain what it’s like being in the middle of this. How weird it is to see people you know, know something is bollocks, but when a mother was described as being ‘in thrall’ to Mermaids, that was the correct way to describe this. Its a thrall. Its an easily achieved thrall created sometimes intentionally, often not, and it’s this thrall and what it will make you do, at the centre of how fascism takes hold, and how the mob turn to harm people.

It’s worth observing and not being too hard on Sarah. She’ll figure it out eventually but in the meantime look at those incidents and learn from them and know THAT is what narcissistic abuse can do. And it can do it to you.

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