Worst case scenario?

Worst case scenario with gender ideology is that politics, media and academic disciplines that can’t see women, take control of them, remove their ability to address male violence and protect their children. And we are all working to avoid it. Except that already happened, and noone noticed, and the process we are now in is of the women who think this is the worst case scenario finding out it already happened in plain sight. That requires those women to move from object status to person status. That is clearly taking a while. The key change with CSE now, is not that public are aware of grooming, its that they are aware those girls were people. Thats the process we have to go through. The millions of women under the bell jar at the centre of this have to be exposed as existing. THat’s it really. All this fuss cos that was so difficult.

So now we have system failure which will drive crisis, a movement, a political force dying, and those women. And we move to the centre of this crisis and we find out what the barriers really are between women being enfranchised and not.

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