We started a war

So I dont know how much sense this post will make but that never stopped me before. We are currently sat on an intersection. We represent the laws and systems that were shaped by women emancipating themselves from violence, we are the descendents of those women and we have the right to define ourselves, our boundaries, and we have laws around child sex abuse which are shaped by lives that were destroyed and lessons learned.

We have started war in major elite academic institutions to put it bluntly. We have devalued the word terf and now every discipline reliant on ‘I identify as’, used to remodelling and theorising a world where women dont interrupt, and we have caused an earthquake. The tremors which com from this may end up encompassing every major elite academic institution in the western world. Because all we ever had to do was refuse to validate this bullshit and say we exist and BE. Their bullshit dissolves when it hits us.

This is major institutions. This is institutions which used Queer/Trans/gender studies to represent women and fit round economics which harmed us, the economics and social policy at the heart of austerity. As the systems we represent and the solidity of them becomes apparent, the fragility of academia based on reality not intruding becomes apparent. The knock on of this is huge. And here we sit. Powerless? Clearly not. Clearly fucking not.

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