Warning: Joani Walshi

The far right are interesting, the mirror of the far left. They see everything through the prism of their own fascist identity, cannot see beyond it and will demand you view every issue through that. Joani particularly likes exploiting child rape for the likes of Tommy Robinson. This is what to watch out for with Joani: you will appear to be in a conversation about a wider issue and she will veer it to islam. she will get irrational if you point out the actual patterns of child abuse, sexual abuse, she’ll get irrational if you can demonstrate that its not JUST muslims and she’ll get outraged if you point out the profile for the majority of sexual and violent crimes in the UK is white males, with only one classification of sexual abuse offence dominated by pakistani muslims: Street grooming. She will tell you that you are obliged to ignore the big picture and all the harm it contains and focus on her hatred of muslims. Cos she’s a batshit racist and the only value child rape victims have for her is exploitation for the far right. Victims of white men have no such use. She can’t see beyond Islam and every time you discuss the subject you were discussing she will derail it to that. Last night she was demanding we ignore child abuse, harm to women, equality being rolled back. She explained it was because she was passionate about the white working class, thats why she needed us not to discuss the reality for working class women and certainly not working class muslim women, and apparently instead of spending my life actually working with, committed to and working for women and children I should have been showing my commitment by being a far right fascist.

Free speech is what she wants, until you point out a fascist demanding free speech is usually just asking to be a disgusting racist with impunity, and that free speech also means the right and ability to call a fascist a fascist. Its best to make sure we are clear that fascists may see an opportunity here but this is women standing up for their rights and their children and not fucking Tommy Robinsons. We are fighting for recognition of male violence and the people using those systems. Not the fascist thugs who exploit child rape and ignore it when its their own race doing it. Luckily, like the TRAs, far left and others who can’t see anything outside the prism of their toxic identity she cant hide it.

Joani’s engagement is dishonest, her concern is the far right, it should take you two steps in any given conversation or engagement to get there and she can’t hide it. I am writing this publicly so that at no point in future am I associated with the far right and it is on record that I challenge that when I see it.

Dear India Willoughby,

Could you do something about your monstrous ego, its getting on for late September and it’s blocking out all that precious sunshine. You were a washed up middle of the road newsman at a local station, you got a career from placing your identity up against safeguarding and all the rights women won in the twentieth century and women told you weren’t worth anything compared to them. Thanks to men like you I no longer use the term trans women, at all, men will do. If it describes the biology and behaviour, and only has three letters, it’s staying. Your narcissistic personality disorder is not womanhood, your attention seeking whining means we will be consolidating all the rights you threatened. Ta.

Throwing down the gauntlet…?

If you are ina negotiation with twenty seven countries and you hold no cards, and it is in everyone’s best interest to isolate you so you can be asset stripped and brought to heel, and they haven’t had to play a single card because you did all the work for them, how can you throw down the gauntlet? I think they call it chucking in the towel. Which at this stage in negotiations is probably best. Let the winds of fate whip up cos we have no strategy for exiting this situation and the culture at the heart of things can’t do a single thing but make it worse…

Worst case scenario?

Worst case scenario with gender ideology is that politics, media and academic disciplines that can’t see women, take control of them, remove their ability to address male violence and protect their children. And we are all working to avoid it. Except that already happened, and noone noticed, and the process we are now in is of the women who think this is the worst case scenario finding out it already happened in plain sight. That requires those women to move from object status to person status. That is clearly taking a while. The key change with CSE now, is not that public are aware of grooming, its that they are aware those girls were people. Thats the process we have to go through. The millions of women under the bell jar at the centre of this have to be exposed as existing. THat’s it really. All this fuss cos that was so difficult.

So now we have system failure which will drive crisis, a movement, a political force dying, and those women. And we move to the centre of this crisis and we find out what the barriers really are between women being enfranchised and not.

Dear Nell Stockton,

I am doing this so you can’t accuse anyone of tribalism. The terfs you have in your head are a delusion, they are a mirror of your own disorder. Because you are a disordered abusive male. You attended the Woman’s Place Todmorden meeting, you were made extremely welcome. You were GIVEN the stage over other women, and you used it to waffle and to display your narcissism and emotionally manipulative and abusive tendencies, you used an example of male violence to explain to women why they were cold hearted for discussing the EXISTING rule of law around safeguarding and equality legislation. You immediately left, you had already threatened to ‘expose’ the location of a small town meeting of women because you wanted those women to know you could expose them to violence and threats if they did not do what you said. You left that meeting, and you immediately defamed Ruth Serwotka, and even though I do not like the culture she is from, your defamation of her showed you up as a mentally disturbed male who seeks to harm women.

You did this because your mental disorder means you feel irrationally angry when women meet. You did this because you believe that the safeguarding contained in Working Together and the Children Act is hate speech and a threat to your identity. Our safeguarding and protections from male violence ARE a threat to your identity. Because you are a mentally unwell abusive male who poses risk to women. You and your friend Toni Harrison are being honest when you say you are threatened by women existing independently frm you, meeting to discuss the rule of law and when you state that safeguarding and protection from male violence are hateful to you. You are to be taken at face value. As what you are. Mentally unwell males who have difficulty with boundaries, with recognising women exist independently from them and who behave threateningly when women show there are boundaries you cannot cross.

Thank you for your demonstration Nell but we didn’t need it. We already knew. Now you need to see a psychologist about your inability to cope with women existing independently from you, your lack of insight into clearly demonstrated abusive behaviour patterns and you appear to have constructed a false identity for yourself which makes you a risk to the people who are the object of your identity. Women. It’s not women’s fault we remind you who you are, and nor do you have the right to keep taking it out on them. The connection you imagine to women is in your head and women do not have to pretend they perceive you as anything but an abusive male and you are certainly not entitled to either their solidarity, their association or to demand that laws and systems which protect women from men like you be liquidated because you have no insight into your behaviour.

I don’t really like Ruth Serwotka that much but you owe her an apology and you need to stay away from women and children until you develop insight into your behaviour patterns and discuss them with a psychologist instead of imposing them on women.

Prophetic ability?

I do not have phrophetic ability. I am trained to assess situations where unequal power relations are driving criiss and if you give me a crisis shaped by that, something preventing it being addressed, and the institutional context, I can do an assessment and I can identify the sources of crisis and barriers to it being addressed and assess the state’s responsibility. This is nothing more than a means of developing systems analysis and is more commonly known as social work assessment. It’s just that I didnt get six weeks and a sliver of information for this, I was in the middle of the abusive reflex, it was directly related to our institutional functioning, and the left landed on my head as our mediating class and I thought I was attending a university who already knew this, it turns out I attended during the early stages of the crisis which would teach them that this is something the state has to do. The ONLY reason I knew what was happening was because I was trained to. Unfortunately noone told me that training would equip me to read the failure of a political economy and would piss everyone off. I didnt know being a working class woman rendered me invisible enough to do that assessment. If i was an oxbridge posh bloke, these skills would be useful to someone. No prophesy here, just working off observation, chronology and identification of reflexes driving crisis. This is the reflective tool I use instead of case notes. That’s it. A party trick that I never dreamed would be used for this.

Amusing thought re: Guardian

A newspaper culture whose entire being is wrapped around the notion that people should be defined by what they read and rejected from civilised society for reading the ‘wrong’ paper, is preparing quite the epitaph for itself. I have a feeling in five years ‘I read the Guardian’ be as toxic a statement as ‘I vote BNP’ sometimes..Shame they are locking in the rot in our democracy in the meantime.