‘Why are you making excuses for aimee challoner’.

Because even though I am one of the women harmed by him I understand that ANY young person whose identity is formed in the situation his was formed in, is very vulnerable and vulnerable and dangerous are not mutually exclusive. It is not erasing the victim(s?) of his father to place Aimee in context of his actual life and to understand that that context is extreme by ANYONES evaluation, and that a powerful political party and media culture had a duty of care that they ignored, while demanding safeguarding be liquidated and demonstrating WHY they need to correct their ignorance of the complexity revealed in our safeguarding systems.

I don’t need a young person who is about to face holy hell and trial by media, who has already experienced and done things which most people will never have to contemplated, to be harmed because I was upset by his targeting of me. I also know that the mix of issues Challoner demonstrate, handled badly could create lifelong risk for other people and lead to another David Challoner. If one has not been created already.

Breaking cycles requirs understanding cycles and its high time our elite institutions got to grips with the development in our understanding of this stuff and stopped selling dangerous snake oil and using vulnerable people as a cudgel to harm women and kids.

Why it matters that Aimee Challoner was trans and that was treated as identity.

It matters because Aimee Challoner is and was spectacularly vulnerable, living in brutal and complex power dynamics and came from a house where unnecessary medical treatment had been used as abuse. It matters because an identity disorder on that scale, combined with permanent medicalisation, and the cluster of behaviours Aimee exhibited indicated extreme emotional and mental distress and he was a kid. It matters because the demand is that when we come across young people who are SO distressed, that we know that that indicates a multitude of vulnerabilities and risks, and it matters because had the word trans not been treated as an identity above question, a very vulnerable young person wouldn’t have been exploited by a political party and a predatory peadophile, and wouldn’t have been made responsible for harm which is their responsibility. It matters because Aimee’s ‘trans’ identity is clearly a cluster of behaviours and disorders indicating deep distress and vulnerability and pretending not to see them has done an extreme amount of harm. Not least to Aimee. It matters because Aimee Challoner will now be made scapegoat for the actions of a political party and a serious predatory peadophile because trans is just an identity and not a cluster of issues which indicate he needed help and not exploitation. It matters because treating him as an object people could use prevented anyone seeing the complex and vulnerable young person who needed help and support and who instead had a delusion validated and now has to process why his world is falling apart.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Turns out Lisa Muggeridge is ON twitter.

Apparently someone has set up @lisamuggeridge9 and will be putting my blog posts and youtube videos on youtube. I was a bit worried it was a nutty transactivist but have said I don’t mind at all. You can pass messages through the account but you are better off just coming here or going to youtube to talk to me.

The Green Party and Aimee Challoner did not know???

If a serious offence against a child is committed in an address, all adults connected with, residing at, are contacted and interviewed. The Green Party and Aimee Challoner were fully aware, it is not possible that they were not. In addition Aimee’s ongoing work WITH his father, continued AFTER the offences, creating a false public image and the entire platform that Aimee and his father pushed was about dissolving safeguarding. This was in plain sight. It’s not up to me to start trawling through what was clearly already in the public domain but I imagine the Green Party are shitting themselves and so they fucking should be. Cos it looks from here like a concerted attempt to undermine safeguarding and use trans rights to create an acceptable public profile for peadophilia and to give a public image to a man accused of terrible things.

I would be interested in what components there were in David Challoner’s defence and the role the work done with Aimee played.

Dear Aimee Challoner,

I read your statement with interest. Your request for privacy will be ignored. When someone has been openly and actively stalking and harassing 50000 women and trying to drive them from the public sphere to prevent them discussing safeguarding, has actively worked to roll back safeguarding for children, worked CLOSELY with a man who has raped and tortured a 10 year old girl in your house for several years AFTER the offences, has appointed that man as a Green Party Officer, and used your media platform entirely to demonstrate serious risk to women and deeply disturbing views on safeguarding you don’t get privacy. At all. Your resignation is not important, your behaviour is, and it is the resignation of the Green Party leader we will need.




Lisa Muggeridge

Questions for Caroline Lucas

1- At what point were you aware the Coventry office of the Green Party was a crime scene where a 10 year old was raped and tortured.

2- Why was the rapist and torturer a Green Party official for so long after investigation

3- Why was the rapist and torturer given support to try and undermine safeguarding structures.

4. Why was Aimee Challoner, who still resided at that address, given institutional support while openly boasting about targeting and stalking 50000 women?

To start with. I feel a fucking video coming. Cunts.