Youtube: First Playlist

One more video on the symbolism of the lone parent and a review and then this is done. It describes systems which evolved in the twentieth century which cnt be undone which austerity just impacted. Intersectionality is the word to describe these systems, not a word to justify hitting women. Second and third playlist will look at the crisis in our mediating class and then look at the crisis we are all in, and the place of the self id crisis within this. These are not interesting videos, ythey are badly produced, but making these playlists is a matter of making a public record before crisis validate the hypothesis. Thats how you build power through political writing. Careful observation, chronology and working with crisis and using it.

Jess Bradley

Indecent exposure, this was already a repeated theme of the things he discussed. Co-author of the batshit Trans Action for Health manifesto, which indicates serious disordered and dangerous thinking, repeatedly advocated violence against women as his expression of womanhood, given repeated media platforms to demand access to spaces of safety from abusive male pattern behaviour for children and women, demanded the righth to abuse those women and be violent to them. Every word he said taken uncritically.

The reason for this is that we have a system where an elite media culture elevate people as objects and when you reduce someone to an object you can’t hear them. Even when they so clearly state as Jess Bradley repeatedly did, that they are a risk. And then when your scalp is on the line you start to hear them. THis marginalised woman engaged the most expensive lawyer in the country to demand that noone discuss the offences he has committed or what they indicate in the context of his ‘political activism’. No ‘her’. Him.

Sino/EU agenda

Lets roll that off the tongue. Sino/EU agenda. Sino/EU. While US and er…Russia bookend Europe and we are cast adrift in a spot in the north Atlantic that the Romans thought was the end of the world. Been reading about Cnut and Queen Emma and the period where we emerged as a coherent nation onto the European stage. 1000 years ago. Anyway.


The sourdough starter I bought is not dead. It is a bloke. That is what has happened here. I have recreated relationships that I am supposed to have with blokes with a jar of flour and water. I feed it, it wakes up, temporarily. It lets me know its awake and then it goes back to sleep. It wont die. It just sits there belligerently refusing to do anything it is supposed to do and demanding to be fed. I am never going to get a sourdough loaf, never. Instead I have recreated a marriage with a jar of mouldy flour. Oh my dear psyche you do need help.


I have contacted my local MP about the harassment and abuse at the hands of Labour left and the consequences of Liam Madagain and Wes Streeting putting me on that list. Its not safe to do it through Labour while they are leaking to the likes of @kilgoresprout and I cannot view them as a valid political force while they use force on women like me.

I have been posting on Mumsnet because I wont be silenced. Also I have been unwell and needed something to do.

Meeting in Leeds is on the 1st, and its looking a cracker. There are still tickets left. Do come.

2nd Referendum

Is Brexit over? No. If a 2nd referendum happens and we decide notto leave the EU, is it over? No.

We just blew a reputation for stability we built over centuries, in a heartbeat. Its gone. That was accumulated over hundreds and hundreds of years and it’s gone. Our premium as a country was largely about that, and it’s gone. Our international position as the most useful bridge between Europe and the US is done. The world is turned the other way, our time zone is wrong and we needed to cementing those relations/. We were treated like a top tier player in the EU and we never warranted it, if they take us back this will not be the case. Whatever happens now our borders are not our own, our prestige in the world is blown, our international relations are not in our control and we have no experience being a little country subject to the whims of others. We have a mountain of debt sat on a household debt bubble, with an overvalued asset market, and that overvaluation was safe because we were stable. Not any more. We didn’t rebalance the economy away from finance and we handed the keys to the City of London to its main competitors. Hard to avoid that for the rest of the world, milking us while we throw ourselves out is the best way for them to stabilise.  We hold the baby for the turds of the post war settlement, and it’s over. The people in charge haven’t noticed.

In the years before we  blew this we hollowed our institutions in a reflex to blame, and they are now combining with this. We are in synthesis stage. Our actions now decide our fiuture. Every action decides our future.

Our future has changed and a 2nd referendum won’t change it back. There are no ruby slippers available and the curtain fell down aroundthe Wizard on social media years ago and he doesn’t give a fuck we can see him, the crisis he caused, cos why should he?

Does anyone remember the Post War Settlement…?

So Trump is here, people have poured out onto the streets. The UK/US Washington consensus is done and has been for a while but this is the nature of crisis, we dont really have time to survey how the landscape has changed until the dust has settled and that isn’t for a while. The blindspots at the core of our political economy are exposed, the political culture always required to deliver that consensus is posting things like this to try and protect what is dead. Such is the nature of elite social closure:


On a personal level I know we are nearing the centre of this, we are in synthesis stage, but still, this is fucking awful.30171163_2067459996866813_3614938211181450673_o