Twitter accounts suspended

Because trans rights activists have decided they do not want legal protections and rights and would prefer to demonstrate they are dangerous and have issues  with women my twitter accounts have been suspended. Andrew Kaveney and his little whackadoodles don’t really know how to process a world where women speak, its why they can’t have access to spaces of safety from male violence. Quite frankly it’s bizarre behaviour to win rights which open a debate about safeguarding and then use the debate you raised to demonstrate how unsafe you are but we are dealing with serious disorder here. Oh well.

I am obviously devastated that my twitter accounts are suspended…lol Devastated.

Poor Andrew, couldn’t cope with a world where women existed independently from him so identified as a woman so women wouldn’t be allowed to exist independently from him. Spends his life grooming young students so they’ll believe violent abusive misogyny is feminism and if he just abuses enough women they won’t be allowed to meet, talk and lesbians will fuck him…yeah that’s definitely womanhood Andrew. Like the violent porn you want feminists to support your right to watch is feminist…Yeah sure women will pretend they see themselves reflected in that if you just bully them enough…oh wait…nope. This doesn’t seem to me to be a penis that wants to stay hidden, this is more like a narcissist with difficulty processing shame trying to bring attention to the thing he’s ashamed of and so he should be.

Abusive males like this don’t really know what to do when faced with grown women with a spine. We are not easy to impress, confuse or bully and we just don’t seem to go away…makes him so cross…Abusive men are so destructive but luckily so predictable.

I can’t believe how fortunate we are to have this demonstration of male pattern abusive behaviour at this time. Generations of women will be thanking Andrew for his inability to keep his abusive behaviour in check. I am certainly grateful.

I wonder what made him pick the name Roz? Did he think it would be so powerful women would unlearn the ability to spot a dangerous abusive male narcissist…lol

Am not sure I’ll be back to twitter, I haven’t decided. It’s kind useful to have trans rights activism in an observable fishbowl, but organisation is not a good idea using twitter. It’s why we don’t rely on it. I’m considering a youtube channel…I’m quite good at the old talking…at least noone can see your spelling mistakes…

17 thoughts on “Twitter accounts suspended

  1. Glad to hear that it’s not permanent. I reached the same point about 4 years ago but I just started reading your tweets as you began to develop your arguments on the disruption by trans men to women’s spaces. Here’s a perfect example of how expressing legit concerns about the violence enacted against women is twisted into hate speech. I was watching the Bergdorf BS on being given a key note role as a woman unfold. Well, she decided not to talk because of concerns about _her_ safety. A petition by women film makers who rightly challenge this is magically transformed into a concerted act to bully her… smh. I mean, as a black, female script writer I have to look in disbelief at this sudden embracing of a minority view point. There’s a lot of unpacking that needs to be done.

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    • A huge amount and their attempts to control media narratives went beyond disturbing. That women were afraid to say I am a woman shocked me. Thts why I used my own name, no fucking way am cowering and hiding. This is manipulative BS.

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  2. Genuinely wasn’t trying to offend you by commenting here. Just wondered if someone had taken your @name and added a 6/7 for dubious purposes as content seemed different and there are a lot of nasty ppl trying to subvert and scare women and if your not in Twitter you might not know.


  3. You may have fallen foul of mass reporting software where one person may be using many accounts to get someone banned. One trans activist has been boasting to another about this.


  4. I wonder if Twitter knows that for every Lisa Muggeridge they suspend many more are born. I for one am glad that it was you who performed Andrew’s male to male gender reality surgery for everyone to see what phychotic vampire looks looks like and how their preditiry behaviour operates. Yeah with the YouTube channel !

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  5. Not sure who you were on the twit but must of followed you to find your blog, come back or do a you tube but keep talking our voices will not be erased; having ‘spoke my mind’ & asked questions now find that a lot of content is now ‘unavailable’ on my TL – here on Irish sites we had a ‘repeal shield’ running as part of the legalise abortion campaign & if you followed this account they would block ‘offensive’ accounts from you including anyone critical or inquiring about Trans because women could not take ‘nasty’ content bla bla ‘we will shield you from offensive content’ yahh the catholic patriarchy here is entrenched & embedded in all institutions including academia don’t let the ‘public’ political liberal face as represented by our gay male prime minister fool yo he is a Thatcherite & neoliberal


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