Terms I will not use

Trans woman. This linguistic trick is at the root of this. Men who identify as women, trans identified males, men.

Gender critical feminist: Gender critical is superfluous here. Gender is a system of subordination of women. All feminists are gender critical and any women with half a brain should be even if she doesnt call it that.

Radfem: NOTHING radical about laws that have existed for decade being applied, nothing radical about women objecting to male violence. This is the centre position.

Cis: Are you kidding me?

THis nonsense needs to be nipped in the bud.

5 thoughts on “Terms I will not use

  1. The original meaning of “radical” in radical feminist was not “extreme,” but “going to the root.” That is, the original radical feminists, the ones who coined the term, such as Redstockings and New York Radical Women, endeavored to uncover and explain the root of women’s oppression. They saw their locating the oppression of women in the two sex-classes and the power difference between them and naming men as the oppressors of women (as opposed to “culture” or “society” or capitalism) as getting to the root of sexism. They contrasted this with liberal feminism, cultural feminism, and socialist feminism, all of which explain sexism and liberation differently than this.

    I proudly use the term radical feminist, as I believe their analysis is correct. And it seems very much in line with how you analyze things. The reason it is not really “extreme” and is more toward the center is that it IS the right analysis. It fits women’s actual lives. It makes sense of craziness such as “transgenderism.” If women didn’t fear liberation more than they fear men, they would all see it as centrist – and obvious.

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  2. I absolutely refuse to use the terms “trans woman” and “cis.” TIMs are not women and it’s insulting to even suggest a comparison. And “cis” not only demonstrates an utter lack of chemistry knowledge but also offers the idea that women choose to be at the bottom of the sex-based hierarchy. While there are women who are more actively complicit in their oppression (lookin’ at you, libfems), even they, when aware of the extent of sexism and misogyn, and then are thereby not typically libfems anymore, would never choose to exist between the rocks and the male boot. “Cis” implies just that, and it’s fucking insulting.


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