Squashing Trans Rights Activism

Trans rights activism is male pattern abuse. It may be sponsored by elite academia and elite institutions but I don’t really care. It will be squashed. We will squash it here, we will provide the tipping point for Canada and eventually the US will catch up and US will follow suit. We will be clarifying the importance of sex based protections, shoring up our rights and making sure elite institutions are FULLY aware of the systems we developed which are going nowhere which deal with male violence. Transphobia has no currency as an accusation because it’s perfectly rational to fear disordered males who fixate on women and threaten and enact violence. You cant define trans, you can’t define terf, and you can’t be phobic against something that cannot be defined. The one thing that is abundantly clear is that trans women are not women. Trans rights activists are on notice.

Trans people wishing to protect their rights need to act and soon, because these people are flushing them away. There was NEVER a single solitary chance of British women taking this shit. Laurie Penny and her mate Stavvers might be stupid enough but they are nasty and very stupid misogynist princesses and never saw a problem that couldn’t be solved by abusing women.

Trans rights activists are on notice. I am grateful for the demonstration of the difference between the sexes, I am grateful they triggered a conversation about equality, safeguarding and protective systems which women had no power to raise, and that is what we will be concentrating on after eight years of austerity. But Trans rights activism was, and I mean WAS, nothing more than a demonstration of institutionalised male pattern abusive behaviour. And a pissy attempt at that.

A parasitic dynamic is done when the ho st says they are aware and the parasite behaves abusively. Trans rights in the UK are jeapordised by Liam Madagain, Roz Kaveney, Tanis Wood, Paris Lees, Shaun Faye and their culture. If you didn’t want trans rights flushing you shouldn’t have used them to demonstrate male pattern abusive behaviour. If you wish to access the resources women built to keep them safe from male violence you will be required to get consent and permission from women. Sex is a protected characteristic, Trans women are males and in the case of these males abusive males, some with a history of serious violence, all with issues with women’s boundaries, consent. Self id has been the norm and these people flushed it away. I would be concerned but my focus is women and these are not women. Clearly. Wow.

The backlash against trans rights activists will take out my entire Arya Stark Austerity list and the media and politics organisations who sponsored terrorism against working class women to protect their inability to see the context which changed around them, shouldn’t have done that.

This is a period where women’s and children’s rights will be consolidated and British women will make sure they are, and that will mean women in other countries do the same.

Women know how to spot and deal with abusive behaviour and need no permission to identify and tackle it. If I was a trans person concerned about my rights right now I would start building bridges and showing you are safe. Because the question is no longer whether trans women are women, because of the likes of Paris Lees, Roz Kaveney, Tanis Wood, Liam Madagain, and the rest the question is whether men who identify as women are more dangerous than men who do not and that question will require data. In the meantime trans rights are the newest, most fragile addition to our equality and safeguarding frameworks and if there is tension between them and the rest of these frameworks that alignment will force trans rights to accomodate and NOT the other way round.

In six months I will retweet this post to say I told you so. I warned you. We tried to warn you. Oh fucking well. Time to see what British women are made of. This ain’t shit, in the twentieth century women emancipated themselves from abuse and violence and male subordination this is nothing more than an opportunity to show how we did it.

Trans women are males who wish to live as women. This does not obligate women to trans women, mean we see anything of ourselves reflected in these males and if trans women want acceptance by women it cannot be obtained by force. Which everyone except abusive males already knew. But the names mentioned here are all abusive males some with a history of very serious violence which should automatically exclude them from all spaces of safety from male violence.

Gender is a system subordinating women. We can see from the activists who have internalised gender as their identity that this is the case. If you gender identity is about violence against women I am under no obligation to respect it and you need to see a professional. Sex is a protected characteristic and isn’t mutable. You have a prostate and you behave abusively, I care not how you identify.

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