Gender identity

I would urge you to watch that We Need to Talk, Inconvenient Woman meeting and listen to Sheila Jeffries discuss how gender identity has taken hold.

Gender is a system that subordinates women. To enshrine it as an identity is to attempt to enshrine something women emancipated themselves from violence to free themselves from. The last gasp. It is not compatiable with any other legal framework in our safeguarding and equality frameworks and suggests someone has internalised a system of oppression. To respect someone’s gender identity is to respect someone whose entire identity is about fucking me over. Over. My. Dead. Body.

What Sheila describes is a top down imposition of a harmful ideology which undermines the systems which I describe which grew from the ground up. The systems I describe are more secure because of what they reflect in society and the way they grew, when this ideology meets those systems it fizzles away. This is the intersection that has been followed on this blog since I met the left in 2010. This is the intersection I saw at the LSE and this is the intersection around which the crisis in a mediating class will play out as our political economy reaches the crisis that says it is done. The systems I describe are our hope of stabiliuty afterwards and however big this crisis, however many facets it develops, it ends with those systems consolidated. The question is how big that crisis is and what it looks like. But this is the heart of this intersection and women are at the core of it and the worldwide sit the fuck down, women are preparing for.

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