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Hey, ManFriday friends. We’ve been doxxed. Our membership list has been published and shared by a notorious shitbag. Lockdown your social media.


Its normal for women to be constantly managing their security, to be threatened, to have their email accounts hacked, to be abused relentlessly and this is suitable punishment for women discussing being women in the UK in 2018. Maybe its that women are not Guardian Social Affairs editors. Maybe there is something we just don’t understand about why it is when you identify as someones sex or reresentation you can then just abuse and terrorise people. Maybe we’d all understand it more if we had something to lose from women speaking up and saying who they are? That must be it. We’d understand then. When women speaking injures your identity they deserve it right? She was asking for it? If she’d just done as she was told?


This is disgusting

‘The mystique of T’. That would be testosterone, young girls are being encouraged to take, that has never been approved for them, with the New York Review of Books selling it like a new magical wonder drug. This is fucking outrageous. Unlike thalidomide noone involved here is acting in good faith. Noone. This is bigger than Thalidomide but getting scary. Only weeks ago we couldnt even discuss this critically without fear of assault, abuse. It still costs the women speaking up dear. The dam is broken and cognitive dissonance should wear off as context is introduced to the discussion but THIS, this is fucking disgusting and this generations of backlash not just a few years. Really.

Why the fury

Its hard to articulate the terror and fury and anger when you see institutions which have power over millions of people behaving like threshing machines, throwing away every bit of trust built up over a generation, and you have to watch the culture who control those machines tell you openly not only do they not know they work, not know to switch them off, they are threatened by that knowledge and will do what they can to hide from it to protect their own identity. This can never be forgiven or forgotten. We need change and what we need to change we cant touch because its a policy making culture drawn rom three universities who think they are being bullied if people suggest their identity is not the centre of the fucking universe. The ability to record their response to people in the months and years before this crisis hit denouement was useful and we have to learn from this. We do. We don’t know big this gets yet but we have to learn and the road to this crisis was paved with narcissists concerned with identities formed on twitter and a contempt and open admission they didnt need to know what these systems did.


…the dysfunction being exposed by our ruling class via twitter and their inability to function in an environment where they mix with people can only go so far. There is no legitimate rope to the reflex of blame, there is no political will for the policies that the left wont oppose. The left are rooted in the same institutions as the right and those institutions are insulated from crisis. We are sat on the Titanic scraping ice into our drinks while watching the first class dining car debate whether there may be such a thing as icebergs.

We are going to go down as a country, we are going to ave a massive period of crisis and we are not stable and the institutions that should provide that stability are not functioning. We have undermined the rule of law, isolated ourselves and placed ourselves between two powers so great they could each tear us apart and the only option we hae is neutrality which we don’t have the size to maintain and the world is going to turn away from us. This is us stepping off the world stage, and whatever becomes of us now will decide the extent to which the world turns back to us. The culture at the heart of things who did this don’t even know how serious it is. They don’t know how unstable we are. They only have the reflex to blame and they dont know how any systems work. And we are arguing about Laurie Penny and her genderqueerettes and whether male pattern abuse can be feminist if the person says they identify as a woman…What a tale.


The number of women abused by the state and forced to fill out a rape clause exemption certificate and face loss of benefits for one child. 200. While entitled pricks argued about whether feminism should be about lesbians being forced to do dick. I identify as. These women have always been the object within the I identify as political economy. Thanks to Trans rights activists and the posh left they have demonstrated reconstruction of that object with the word terf.

Cis privilege. Batshit.

This record

Looked After Children were a natural evolution in citizenship, they were an evolution in the rule of law Hayek predicted and I happened to be one. I accidentally, by virtue of social media came into contact with elite institutions and was able to identify in 2010ish that the crisis in our mediating class which indicated the end of a political settlement was occurring and I could see it. So I recorded it. That’s it. The tension between a natural evolution in citizenship and a mediating class, accidentally playing out as a consequence of constant harassment and abuse when the identity of our mediating class was injured. The reason I did this was because the crisis I am watching only has one outcome. The consolidation of those duties. Those duties are the centre position and all parties should be aware of them. They currently are not.

Intersectionality emerged around people like me and the systems I know. This crisis is just the crisis where a mediating class fall away and that knowledge reaches policy making level by hook or by crook, probably through crisis, and that’s what i am observing. You may believe because you identify as my representation or my sex that somehow me doing this is to do with you. You need to go find a political economy geek and ask what they would do if they found themselves on such an intersection at such a point. THey would record. Because they would know what they were recording. That is all this blog is. My reflections in the moment to refer back to later as I process the momentous events we lived through. Primary source. The power of social media was never in broadcast, it was always in the addition of a social dimension to political communication and the power of careful observation and chronology. This blog only provides that if it is an honest reflect of my changing perspective and it is mostly useful for being wrong in the long term. This blog is not written for now, it is not written for readers and the reason it keeps finding itself in the middle of crisis is that I sit on that intersection whether I like it or not. It just happens to be a gift to understand the intersection I am sat on and to be able to record and publish. This is new.

Looked After Children, a product of the neo liberal political economy and its failures, the first time that the state has recognised the need for reflection on failure, that reflection exists around those children, regardless of policy makers ideology. True individuals because policy makers have to assume no kinship connections, higher than average likelihood of every poor outcome and guaranteed interaction with policy systems through the life course. The evolution in systems allowing emancipation from abuse and violence, the bottom line of female equality provisions. For people hardwired to reproduce abusive relationships, not an optional bottom line, Intersectionality exists here and always did. Its where it evolved.

Systems dealing with abuse, marginalisation and subordiantion that identity matters no shits to. Systems analysis. There has been tension between this and debates about the deserving and undeserving since 1989, this is the new natural bottom line for policy. The antithesis of ‘I identify as’. The antithesis of a detached class deciding who is deserving. We are always the undeserving. I only have to wait and record the process, I already know the outcome. The identify as class, are just exposing the dysfunction that always existed in that world. Difference is now we can challenge it, which is why they feel bullied. That’s new.

Intersectionality is about institutional functioning, reproduction of power relations and reflection on identity. It isn’t new. It’s about to be brought home to policy makers through interlinked crisis of which the one generated by the nutcase trans activists is only a facet. Sorry. Not EVERYTHING is about you.

Apologies to those who misunderstood

This is when I started paying attention to the backlash against trans rights activism. As I should have done.  The backlash was done and dusted and made ages ago, it can’t be undone now. I have never remotely placed myself against trans rights, I have watched with interest as posh activists and people posing clear risk to women and kids have hijacked this and fed this backlash, and my interest in this backlash is about its place in a wider context. That context is the same systems and same women I have been discussing at the core of everything I do. I am grateful to trans rights activists for pressing themselves against these systems and providing that visceral demonstration of male pattern abusive behaviour but I am little more than an interested bystander who understands crisis. Trans Rights activists did this with no help from anyone while they were warned by those they will now need to seek permission and consent from. The backlash is pretty much brewed and the goodwill that was earned over time by trans women has gone. There is no alliance with women and the T, there is no alliance between LGB and the T without the LGB now being seriously damaged not just by the batshit behaviour but by the backlash that damages all rights.

I am NOT in a discussion or debate with trans activists and what I discussed only became terfy because its the context they can’t see. I am just an observer, fascinated by the process and using the crisis.

Context: Brexit/Institutional failure

Sometimes with crisis it can be easy to get caught up in the top layer, the bit that is catching everyone’s attention, but you spend much time working with crisis you realise that’s a bit pointless. A crisis is just a way of you getting all the information you always needed a bit late. We learn differently during crisis, we process things differently, the way we think during periods of crisis is fundamentally different to the way we think during periods of stability.

The We Need to Talk, emerging women’s movement, the chaos whipped up by trans rights activists, they are not the crisis. They are what happens when over the course of a cycle a mediating class emerges, and policy making becomes a central culture disconnected from anything. Travelling above the bubble to the LSE to find out what policy makers were taught was an eye opener and I stopped watching the news a few months ago when I realised all I was seeing was displacement activity. Like cleaning the house before the baby is born because you have no clue what changes await.

Our bodged Brexit negotiations are nearly done and we still haven’t accepted as a nation  that we have severed ties with the trading bloc we need, we have sacrificed prestige which no longer had a sound foundation and we desperately need to start accepting this is cyclical and part of that is that this is also a period where reflexes cause  problems across dimensions of the economy, and we have to review the learning since the last cycle. Luckily crisis will take care of this. We have a crisis the size of Brexit as our framewokr, we have major institutional failure. Much of this major institutional failure comes down to policy makers, for a long time, instead of addressing crisis, have been constructing objects to blame and project failure onto. The single mother has functioned as this for years. Intersectionality emerged within these systems that are now failing, a reflection of the rule of law Hayek said would emerge to generate crisis.

We move through a crisis exposing the difference between the forces shaping institutions and the belief systems shaping institutions and ew realise the belief systems shaping institutions are belief systems constructed entirely in elite universities to suit existing class identities. Women are the forces that shaped institutions. We manage the connection between institutions and it is here that an understanding of the way power dynamics reproduce in the way Crenshaw described is necessary. The left identify as our representation, the right recognise the left so they dont have to recognise reality, and this has worked just fine as media and politics and policy making were sealed off. This is not fine now. The left have demonstrated since 2010 their own dysfunction and now want to lash out at women in case we highlight the parasitic dynamic that exists here. In case we ask for our trade unions back and tell them to stop trying to police women speaking with violence. Intersectionality means reflection on your identity, power you exercise and understanding the context you are in. In order to do this you have to move past ‘I identify as’ and once the left do that they have no purpose. Just posh people in a chatroom explaining they have always been the mediator for inequality and will now enforce that with violence if need be.

The disconnect between that understanding of intersectionality, how institutoins function and evolve, and the static modelling and wanking about the poor that defines our elite institutions is being played out in Universal Credit and particular Local Authorities. The lack of awareness of the significance of the rule of law means this central elite culture neither knew nor cared what Local Authorities did, and now they are collapsing. After eight years of austerity, after wasting 20bn on a computer systema dn and while people beg with tiredness, policy makers are removed from knowing its a problem. The mediator who claims that role, the Labour Movement, the left, they identify as the representative of the poor who dont need the rule of law so the institutions who should be mediating these power relations are not functioning. We have no parliamentary opposition, no trade unions and the left primarily see their function as being the prevention of activism with any means necessary.

So women are now to be threatened and abused for discussing inequality, cannot meet and the left are encouraging ‘I identify as’ as a way to liquidate this rule of law. Women are correcting this, and meeting and organising. In doing so they naturally correct the blindspots in the neo liberal consensus, and the demonstration of male pattern abuse by trans rights activists is useful to happen at policy making level. But these crisis are not yet synthesising in the heads of policy makers, so the waves of dissonance breaking around trans rights activism will cause some of that.

We have to know how our systems fit together, how they have evolved since the last crisis of this time, what the power relations mediated by institutions are, and we have to negotiate that as a nation. Crisis will give us the information we need. The question rather comes down to how we use those crisis.

Which doesn’t change teh rigidity of the class structures who mean that the left dont change. This crisis exposes that elite universities and politics and media organisations are not aware of the baseline of the rule of law, but austerity already did that. The question is what happens next? Crisis do appear to be synthesising we are not paying attention to the wider context or what maintains stability, I assume we will do this when crisis demands. But the reflex response to crisis in the elite cultures that generate policy is lashing out at working class women its why every ‘twitter mvement’ does the same.

A country severed from its international ties, with a rule of law undermined, managing a sharp deterioration and a jump between how see ourselves and what we are, with a politics and policy making culture who only understand how to blame. We are in the shit. We are so in the shit. Women standing up and being counted can address the fundamental blindspots in the neo liberal consensus but it cant get us out of this. Backlash from this may generate a vacuum, that vacuum is dangerous. The Trans rights activists have damaged academia, politics and media organisations organisations, LGBT organisations are in the front line, and women as always will lose if the christian right are able to capitalise on this. We have to be what fills that vacuum before we generate the kind of stories that history tells us we say we won’t repeat but always do.

To shout TERF…

Is to literally scream that you do not understand that women exist independently from you and think they should be punched for it. To have created a climate and a cultural environment where that has currency is as extraordinary as its determination to highlight the purpose of the systems at stake and what they deal with.  The power of identity. Wow.

Anyone woman expressing a boundary between her identity and mine can be punished with violence and this is feminism so any women discussing inequality she lives without referencing me can be punished with violence. I suppose if what was required was a protective seal to elite institutins threatening women who discuss inequality and existing safeguarding and equality legislation with violence for doing so is quite the demonstration of intent.

We Need to Talk: Inconvenient Women

Event on 25th July. Leeds. Venue to be announced(really we have two so dont bother), tickets on sale next week. Speakers to be confirmed. Please do come.

I dont think trans issues will feature in this meeting as strongly as in others. I think it will mainly looking at the systems around abuse and violence, austerity, the managed zone in Holbeck, the crisis in our local authorities and the safeguarding blindspots revealed, the distance between the ‘feminism’ being fought over and reality, which predates the terf wars, and I think someone will be comparing the Transgender Trend pack with the Allsorts pack for schools and the implications of this.