#IstandwithMirandaYardley because while I was blindly trying to be inclusive at a cost of my own rights and those of my daughter, she was screaming that this was a mistake. #IstandwithMirandaYardley because standing up for my rights and those of my daughter has cost her dearly. And these are not rights she needs but she did so anyway.

#IstandwithMirandaYardley because she has been fearless and I call Miranda Yardley ‘she’ because even though she has told me repeatedly that she doesn’t expect that in my head she will always be a she. She is biologically male, and yet she is a she. She stands to gain NOTHING from losing everything to stand up for my rights and she still did so.

#IstandwithMirandaYardley and say thank you Miranda for waking us up. You will never know the debt we owe you. They hate you because we can win, they hate you because you have the acceptance of women and they hateyou because you have what they can never have, solidarity with women.

#IstandwithMirandaYardley cos she is brave, and she doesn’t care that she gets relentless shit and she takes that shit for my rights even though she gains nothing and possibly loses out in the backlash she knows as well as I do, is coming. And when that backlash comes, #IstandwithMirandaYardley and will fight for her rights as hard as she fought for mine. And my daughters. And my granddaughters.

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