‘Katelyn’ Burns

So this was written by an author called ‘Katelyn’ Burns. An article to punish her under 10 year old child for their attachment to their mother and their failure to validate her identity, in a public humiliation any mother would know was inconceivably cruel. Only a narcissist could possibly do this to a child, and a mother certainly couldn’t.

Because Katelyn cannot see beyond ‘her’ own identity, and doesn’t understand that ANY rational human being able to empathise and parent would be horrified by that, she now stalks my account. Her narcissistic rage makes her as dangerous to members of the public as she is to the child discussed in that article, I am now on the receiving end of it and she is engaged in soliiciting targeted reporting of my account. She is demonstrating narcissistic abuse of me, as someone who read the article(and did not include her id when discussing it for the sake of kindness) to refute me describing the narcissistic abuse of a child that shaped that article. Narcs are like that.¬† They think if they erase threats to their identity they become more secure. This is the problem with publishing and validating someone like ‘Katelyn’, you are generating risk and you don’t know who for.


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