Violence against lesbians


Lesbians hve been on the front line of this. They are where the violence begins. I do not know how this is happening or why it is being cheered on by the Guardian, New York Times, Labour Party, Green Party, but it is. And no its not ok.

Abusing a lesbian for being a lesbian, assaulting a woman for not placing your identity central….this is the left 2018. Ok then. What was I saying? ‘I identify as’ the reflex which drives a cycle nd is exposed at its denouement.

Bait and switch

Rich men are the most oppressed women on the planet, we need to not have a discussion which analyses systems and must focus on that man’s identity, all the equality legislation in the twentieth century needs to be undermined, no more safeguarding systems required, nd if you recognise this is a man you are oppressing him. You are also oppressing him by talking about being fucked over as a woman and if you won’t fuck him. Not exactly gender non binary however you identify.

Dealing with TRAs/Narcissists Pt.2

So a while ago I posted about how to deal with narcissists in debate. Here. What I wanted to talk about in this post is the advantages of dealing with narcissists and I hoped that would give you some insight into what is currently happening. Now I know said it before but the secret with a narcissist or someone protecting a false identity is they don’t have the same processes, thought processes or perception that other people have. This is your advantage. What they can see is their OWN image, that is it. Nothing more. Literally NOTHING more. And they don’t know this. So we’ve been through why it is that this leads this type of disordered person to make accusations that are actually admissions. Quite gratifying to see DARVO being commonly understood, we have looked at how to engage with them but the secret to understanding HOW to deal with narcissists is to understand what they CANT see. When not to engage. And what they can’t see is ANYTHING beyond their own identity. Which leaves the field completely open for everyone and everything else. The context. You. Reality.

When Shaun Faye is telling you all the terrible things TERFS do and are, he is telling you about the only thing he can see, himself. He is processing shame by projecting it onto an object in his head that he calls TERFS, which is actually his own dysfunction. So he might be shouting at you but he is actually shouting at a mirror. The narcissist is NEVER fighting you they are fighting reality, and the threat it presents to their identity and they are fighting themselves. You can’t engage with that, you can’t alter it, they can’t change or develop insight and they wont give you any but you can use it. And you should.

We have reached the point where it is abundantly clear we are dealing with narcissistic rage on a grand scale. ‘I identify as’. Underneath this is a faultline that these people do not understand exists. They don’t know they are stood on it. Or how deep it is. Trans rights activists have demanded a safeguarding debate, demanded that we look at newly aquired rights and place them in context but they can’t see the context. They have done this during a period of major institutional failure generating political crisis, and this is the context. They can’t see they are demanding to be the only stakeholder in a debate with many vulnerable stakeholders, they can’t see the rule law, the systems shaped by violence, they can’t see any of it. It’s why they can’t see they are losing allies, people are a bit scared and horrified. This kind of abuser sees someone being afraid of their irational behaviour as an insult to their identity. And they become more irrational and more dangerous when they feel control slipping. Which is now. Which is why we have had the rash of accounts being suspended and the likes of Aimee Challoner have gone into overdrive. They are screaming at the terfs they have created for themselves through twitter, screaming at the mirror.

So when you discuss that context they can’t see. Have the conversation they started and demanded, let them screech when you suggest that they may not be the most vulnerable stakeholders, there are competing needs, existing laws, they can ONLY see or hear that as a threat to their identity, let them demonstrate male pattern abusive behaviour and what actually defines the difference between sexes. They will tell you precisely what they do not want you to discuss, they will outright TELL you what they dont want to happen, by telling you what TERFS are doing and threatening, they will tell you they will die if you do not validate them by pretending you see yourself reflected in them. They do not understand that this context is more important than they are, that they have requested a conversation which is now going to continue and has to. They don’t know and can’t see it. So while you have that conversation about laws that are already established, they will screech that you are injuring them by considering this context. They will carry on saying they cannot accept that lesbian means lesbian, that women’s consent matters, they will carry on saying they have the right not to be assessed on behaviour and will carry on demanding that safeguarding is liquidated to suit them.

More useful than you know. What trans rights activists are exposing is that the rule of law they are unfamiliar with, our elite institutions are ALSO unfamiliar with that rule of law(long story) only they can’t actually maintain that once political crisis have been generated. So TRAs have FORCED a conversation about the systems around safeguarding, domestic abuse, cash transfer system, real inequality and it’s reflection in systems, where those at an elite level HAVE to acknowledge these systems, they have created a route between media, policy making and you, for that knowledge travel down and they are lighting the way by screeching that they are the ONLY stakeholders in the situation and as an added bonus are providing a visceral demonstration of the male pattern abusive behaviour which we need to get across. So win, win, win. Austerity couldn’t raise this conversation but these elite connected activists have just done so. Now they are explaining why these systems are needed, demonstrating in a visceral way WHY they are needed. What same sex protections are for, what male privilege looks like, what male pattern abusive behaviour looks like….

Let them. As loud as possible. They want to drive everyone off twitter who reminds them of this context? All the better. They will cling to every institution which validated their identity and should take down everything they touch while shout.

They can’t see you, they are not arguing with you, they are arguing with reality to protect a fragile identity. This means you are invisible and unless you do something that mirrors what they would do, they can’t see you. Or anything else. Invisibility is a super power as is the ability to be as loud as you like and not be heard.

The way to deal with a narcissist is to BE what they cannot be, to be the context they cannot see, to use the context they cannot see and if possible to get out of their theatre so they will demonstrate whatyou are saying while you say it. While you say it calmly, you do not budge, you are not negotiating, you are setting boundaries and they are demonstrating how they treat that debate. Do not engage with it head one because they cant move ANY conversation away from their identity, you hit that wall you are going no further cos they have no insight, but they WILL demonstrate for you. And because they are motivated only by protection of false identity they will keep on demonstrating over and over and over and over, and in fact they cannot stop this and will move onto new ways to demonstrate this, and all you have to do to show them up as arguing wit a mirror is to REFUSE to be that mirror. I see NOTHING of myself reflected in you. You are not connected to me. I am not a mirror of your dysfunction. If you continue this way you should eventually see a situation(which we already have), you will see actual transsexual people who can see the context getting alarmed and moving away from the Autogynephiles, posh students who fancy being marginalised, and the very seriously mentally unwell people. We are already there really.

The only way to fuck up this strategy is to mirror the narcissist. To behave the way they do so when they say look, that person did x or y, someone has, once that is done, it gets more difficult. I would avoid mirroring reporting of accounts, I would avoid the dog piling, the abuse, and just concentrating on being what they cannot be. You. And not being their mirror. Which you are not.

While they shout and scream that the safeguarding debate they requested is happening, they are not the only stakeholder, this is a debate defined by evidence and the demonstration they are giving is precisely the behaviour patterns those systems evolved around.

This is easy to win.

BUT expect this: The TRAS are a small and vulnerable cudgel being wielded by institutions protecting themselves and their identity from not having the knowledge that they would have if they were connected to these systems and they will double down. But outside withstanding taht presure, this is won and the TRAs will win it for you.

FTSE directors and their lame excuses for being misogynists

So I read this really interesting paper ages ago. Cultural matching, Lauren Rivera, doesn’t show you anything you won’t already know but she has the audacity to identify that elite firms are looking for a cultural match. IE posh people, preferably male. This is entrenched and one things tracked by this blog is what happened when a reflex response to crisis(reflexes are born of identity) targeted women like me. I wonder if Brexit, the reflex to blame, the reflex response to austerity which weakened our institutions and undermined the rule of law, the self id debate fed by a noxious version of feminism coming from elite universities and this elite social closure and misogyny could be linked? Nah, couldn’t be connected could it? Oh wait yes it could the stable door is bolted, the horse has legged it and those in charge can’t even SEE the crisis we are in because they are slowly coming to terms with the fact that their excuses to maintain their bubble were bullshit. They think the question is now them opening their doors a bit. Nope. The question now is the crisis this misogyny, elitism and stupidity has created and what the fuck do we do given the country has NO alternatives because this is about Oxford, Cambridge, the LSE as feeders to this culture, instead of acting as research and our intellectual powerhouses.

We are so in the shit and the problem is not now ‘how do we increase diversity’ its what do we do when its too late to do that, we are heading into shit, and we have noone near the centre of power who can see it or take any responsibility for it…

I had a drink with someone the other day and he said he understood what it must have been like for people to live through those moments. I had no choice but to agree and that was thoroughly depressing for both. What a record to evolve from a blog whining about being at home with baby poo. What a fucking palaver.

Post removed from Medium: The Trans Ego

An article from a rape survivor. Agree with every word. It’s been taken down. 

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Olivia Broustra 24. Rape Survivor. Unapologetically wild. Pole Dance is my therapy. I will not hide.

The Trans Ego: Why Allies are becoming TERFS

Well done.
You got a trans woman to be considered enough of a woman to be put in the woman’s prison. You put a rapist into a woman’s prison, and you made that ok. You let women get harassed by rapist until. You made that ok. Because the validation of the trans person mattered more.
Well done.
You kicked two women out of a women’s shelter. Because they were concerned that an intact(penis and balls) male would be in the their safe space. Because the trans persons feelings mattered more.
Well done.
You’ve made it cool to threaten women with violence. As long as you call her a terf, its ok. She deserves it. Transphobic bitch deserves to be beat right? Women getting punched at protests is fine since they were Terfs.
Well done.
You bully people who do not want sex with you. Label them transphobic. Because your validation matters more.
You’ve created new laws that allow any male to enter the sex segregated spaces of the female. As long as that male states, “ I am woman”, he is believed and allowed in. So now female spaces, created for safety, are all access passes. Because trans people matter more.
Well done.
You threaten places to use “inclusive language” and bullied those who still said female genital mutilation, pregnant woman, and dared speak about vaginas.
You’ve convinced the world that speaking about female anatomy is not inclusive, is bigoted.
Well done.
You’ve convinced the world that trans women have more right to speak about women’s rights, participate in women’s sports, hold women’s spaces in politics then women.
You’ve convinced the world that males are women. And you sacrificed women in the process.
Because you suffer from a narcissistic, egotistical, misogynistic view that you matter more. That you deserve more.
You did not fight for trans spaces. You fought for women’s. And you steamrolled over women in the process.
You did not say I am trans and thats ok, now let’s fight against male violence together. You demanded we call you woman, demanded we allow you in womanhood, and you threatened those who disagreed.
You demand the world fall at your feet instead. You demand the world worship your needs above all others. Especially above women.
When we ask what is woman, you say, “ a feeling”. When woman is meant to mean adult human female.
You call vaginas front holes and surgically altered and inverted penises vaginas. Because you need to be more woman than woman despite the fact that you cannot ever be woman, by woman’s own definition.
But the funny thing is, your ego will be your downfall.
I was prepared to fight for your right to trans spaces. I was prepared to support you when you bitched about having less dating options. Prepared to call you she if it made you feel better. Prepared to fight for your right to healthcare, and respect. Prepared to fight against gender and male violence against you. I was prepared to be your ally. Many women felt the same. Many terfs started as allies.
But then you said no. I don’t want trans spaces, I want yours. I want your vagina, your female spaces, I want you to stop using your words, I want you to stop talking about your body, I want to destroy you in your sports, take your places in public offices, schools, and organizations. I WANT YOUR WOMANHOOD. And you expected me to comply. To hand it over. And you’ve convinced many to do just that.
But women talk in the shadows about the truth. You cannot ever change sex. You can mimic the stereotypes of women, you can mimic our bodies, though considering the uterus, ovum, cervix, clit, pelvic floor, its a fairly poor mimic. You can “feminize”your face, though as an androgynous female thats a bit offensive, take voice lessons, and walking lessons, but you can never live the experience of being born female. You can never turn a male into a female so in truth sex change is a misnomer. You can never experience being born woman.
And that should have been ok with you. There is nothing wrong with admitting you are not the opposite sex. there is nothing wrong with having dysphoria and admitting that you are trans. There is nothing wrong with not fitting in with your natal sex. You can be something unique. And indeed if you look at the hundreds of ways trans people express their trans-ness, every trans person is unique. But all trans people are trans. But you decided that wasnt enough to fight for. It wasn’t enough to fight for your own unique being. At least it wasn’t enough for the male trans activists who became the loudest most volatile part of the movement. Instead you feel you must police the rest of the world into validating your dysphoria. But listen:
We don’t tell anorexics that their body dysmorphia is right and that they are fat.
We did not turn every restroom stall in the world into a disabled access stall.
We don’t force people to fuck incels.
We didn’t ban peanuts from existence when many people became deathly allergic.
We did not allow Rachel Dozier to claim transracial.
And we shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice the needs and issues and concerns and spaces of 50% of the population for your minuscule undefinable group.
Most people who don’t fit in the norms, find ways to cope, they create support groups for themselves, spaces for themselves. Because most people get that life is not going to be fair for everyone, cater to everyones needs. The more you fight to destroy women’s right to woman, the more enemies you create.
You’ve managed to piss off lesbians and straight men for telling them its transphobic to not want your “lady dick.”
You’ve managed to piss off women by trying to claim womanhood and destroy our earned fought for spaces and condemn our need for safety as hate.
You’ve pissed off parents by trying to convince them their nonconforming child is trans and should have medicalized puberty blocking that can leave children underdeveloped and sterile. Bye bye grandkids and even future sex lives sometimes.
You’ve turned your own allies against you by becoming hostile at mere questions.
You’ve united women of color, white women, men, conservatives, liberals, moderates, lesbians, gay men, even de-transitioned trans people against you.
So well done.
P.S. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
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    Olivia Broustra 24. Rape Survivor. Unapologetically wild. Pole Dance is my therapy. I will not hide.
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Response to the Open Letter: It’s spelled Sisterhood not Cisterhood.

This is an open letter which clarifies what I have been saying about elite cultures and activists co-opting and threatening trans rights so they can assert their own ignorance and class privilege.

1- My sister doesn’t stalk, abuse, try to stop women speaking, isnt offended by hearing about female biology and doesn’t make everything about her. She doesn’t believe people should be forced to associate with her, she doesn’t require the subordination of people around her and she doesn’t hit people, or threaten to. Sisterhood and solidarity can’t be forced with violence. That creates an entirely different dynamic those of us who have survived abuse understand. You do not get solidarity and sisterhood by threatening and demanding obedience.

2-Trans rights are only sustainable if they align with other safeguarding and equality frameworks, at hte point in time where someone demands their rights impact THOSE frameworks a whole bunch of other vulnerable stakeholders and laws come into the mix. This process SHOULD have been a minor ironing of wrinkles between frameworks bceuase most trans women do not want safeguarding for children diluted or women forced to subordinate, or trauma victims abused on their behalf. Only abusive males want this. To demand trans women are the ONLY stakeholders in this conversation and to try and shape it with abuse, intimidation and attempts to subordinate, is catastrophic for trans rights.

3-”That our gender and therefore our roles in society are determined by biology is a sexist idea that we have spent our lives rejecting.” You must have been quite privileged in the last eight years as austerity paggered women in the family courts, the dwp, and through local authority cuts. This statement is APPALLING and it actually reads thus: ‘We are so privileged we have NEVER experienced the inequality that shapes women’s lives, austerity didn’t touch us or our children, didn’t make us vulnerable to abuse and didn’t generate poverty which harmed us and we would lie all the women for whom this is the case to shut up or we will allow them to be hit’.


These are the posh activists who want trans rights thrown in the bin. Tey want to be able to assert authority over people and want the right to violence against women and they want us to congratulate them on being as thick as pigshit cos in their privileged little world their Mummy and Daddy have been congratulating them on this for their whole lives.

Ladies and gentleman I give you the modern left. Oh and by the way I am not a cis anything because some posh kids got a degree in mansplaining.


Tensions exposed: Crossover and change, or reflex driving cycles to the end?

I am watching season 2 of the Handmaid’s Tale. Under his eye. Am reading the resignation statement of a child psychotherapist.


It’s not just one. Heather Brunskell-Evans has been publicly abused, threatened, because the understanding of child development, child protection, and contested medical treatment that says no child should be told their body is wrong and should be fixed to match a picture in their head is heresy. Kathleen Stock has gathered anonymised responses from academics frightened of repercussions if they question this harmful ideology and Labour have leaked documents concerning legal action under the Equality Act to activists who target and stalk women. Women’s Equality Party will sack you without a second thought if you dare say a child should not be told their body is wrong, Labour have aided Liam Madagain in targeting women, even as he openly states he is a schizophrenic who can only feel safe if women are erased. The Green Party has Aimee Challoner is using Green Party resources to seek out women who will not obey and target them by trying to get their twitter accounts shut. Woman’s Place meetings are not safe for children even though this is a safeguarding debate they are central to. It’s not the universities where Kathleen Stock works that you find the multi-dimensional understanding of inequality at stake, its the third rate universities that train people to deliver policy not the first rates one  where they train policy makers to be wilfully blind. Its those universities where it will cost your job to question this harmful ideology.

This is happening. Now. The tension exposed is not trans vs anti-trans, although it looks like it. This is the shape of an ideology spun from the bullshit disciplines in academic institutions where the main business model is providing theoretical economics and what should be done with the poor. This is the next stage of the reflex to avoid addressing this. With an army of willing elite activists, terrified of having no function in a world where there is no need of an intermediary. Respect my pronouns they demand, as they engage in violence, abuse, intimidation, doxxing and threats to demand people are subordinated to their will, so the identity they developed and the entitlement they developed can be protected. Elite women like Laurie Penny want what cannot be bought, the authenticity of a pretend marginalised identity, so they don’t have to face their role in perpetuating inequality and they have the right to sanction abuse of anyone they choose, cos they are marginalised. Shaun Faye demonstrates his feelings about women, by fetishising trafficked girls and trying to appear as one in a grotty attic conversion and everything isin flux. Respect my pronouns they screech and with this phrase they are suddenly marginalised and may abuse at will. The marginalised are oppressing them by not obeying. The protection of identity at stake here is not trans women, its elite institutions, academic disciplines and political parties desperately trying to hold on to a status quo that has gone. Because to admit they know this is suicide. The reflex that drove austerity is still in play. It’s not malice, with malice there is something to work with. It’s protection of identity and its hitting at the things you cannot conceptualise. Same women in the firing line each time.

The multi dimensional understanding of inequality and how power relations shape systems is in the most marginalised of systems, the ones which protect and are shaped by the evolving rule of law. Child protection, domestic abuse. This is the crisis which pulls us to synthesis as the knowledge which existed in these marginalised systems tries to push against the institutions who have been wilfully blind. But these institutions have power. This professional bodies, this is academic disciplines, this is political parties and they have based their survival on the ability to subordinate women and make them saythings which are not true. It’s an assertion of power is the abilityto make someone say something that isn’t true, but also an admission of weakness. To be dependent on exernal validation and to have employed force to get that validation one must have the power to do so. To make notjust youridentity but an institution dependent on validation of a false identity is to give those expected to do the validating an extraordinary amount of power. This is the crisis that COULD provide acknowledgement of the systems around children and violence, and certainly it is occurring in the midst of other crisis which forcet that examination. But power relations are exposed and anyone who has ever had a violent ex partner knows what that means, and that the most dangerous point is when you leave.

The more women say no, the more pressure is applied. Threats, assaults, degrading dehumanising language, professional repercussions for challenging an orthodoxy which is clearly magical thinking. Sexually abusing lesbians is now LGBT. We find unlikely allies in the Spectator as the Guardian continues to sell this conflation of paraphilia and normal sexuality and identity, and the demands that children are dragged in and safeguarding systems undermined doesn’t matter there because its  aclass of people who dont know what those systems do or why this is wrong.

The argument was alreadywon because the rule of law is the centre position and we already won this, the question is whether these cultures can and will take the rights earned in the last seventy years away. This is about power. Whether they can. The Christian Right are circling, but as yet nowhere near as dangerous as the left. Twitter accounts are torpedoed, the explicit need to erase women reminds us of Ray Blanchard’s statement that autogynephiles’ anger toward women results from envy of women and resentment at not being accepted by women as one of them. It is not misogyny in the normal sense. Furthermore, their sense of entitlement comes from narcissism, not systemic patriarchy. The entitlement of trans activists may come from a place of mental disorder, the entitlement of those wielding these activists like a cudgel, does not.

Anyone who has dealt with trans rights activists knows this is true. Enjoy your erasure said Shaun Faye, confident that the system is behind him. I wonder if it is? I wonder how this plays out? Respect my pronouns, or Under His Eye? This has reached tipping point in Canada as Morgane Oger demonstrates male pattern abusive behaviour consistent with narcissism but using the power of his office, it’s reached tipping point in the US where Jazz Jennings provides a grotesque morality tale, and women are waking up here. It’s thrilling to see so many women from across national borders stand up. Power relations are exposed and crisis will now decide the rest. Woman are saying no, are standing up and saying no, and the sight of women across national borders uniting is thrilling but then, that could give false confidence.

Social contagion is time limited, a bubble can pop much quicker than it was inflated and the impact on young people is causing concern at the British institutions who are still holding onto their evidence base to work and not bowing down to violent activists. The question is how these violent activists got so much power in the first place. This is not just here its across Europe, its the US and its Canada and Australia.

Open violent misogyny is now ok, sexually abusing lesbians, and noone has to hide that ‘being a woman is now about harming women, any means needed to silence a woman is necessary. This is not a debate about what if dangerous people access spaces of safety from male violence, because activists have shown what they will do to these spaces and have demanded that women’s freedom of assembly is ended. Women’s right to self determination, define their own sexuality, and to assemble freely is on the table even if noone will acknowledge it is there.

This is not trans vs women, this is elite institutions resisting adaptation, and viewing this cudgel as a handy one to maintain blindness to the context which changed around synthetic modelling. We are that context. How does this end? Is this a storm in a teacup r a sign of thingsto come? The reflex to strip back at capacities to care and the things policy makers cannot conceptualise was never about malice, the Tories just did what reflex told them to do. Reflexes are born of identity and drive cycles and this is born of a group identity and that group is not trans women. Miranda Yardley’s been targeted relentlessly. ‘I identify as’ the last gasp of a neo liberal consensus that is already dead. The seeds of fascism it seems do find fertile ground in these periods. Are we at the point where this knowledge can cross cover or are we at the point where we see what means will be used to prevent reflection on reflexes to the bitter end, or crossover? Under his eye?


#IstandwithMirandaYardley because while I was blindly trying to be inclusive at a cost of my own rights and those of my daughter, she was screaming that this was a mistake. #IstandwithMirandaYardley because standing up for my rights and those of my daughter has cost her dearly. And these are not rights she needs but she did so anyway.

#IstandwithMirandaYardley because she has been fearless and I call Miranda Yardley ‘she’ because even though she has told me repeatedly that she doesn’t expect that in my head she will always be a she. She is biologically male, and yet she is a she. She stands to gain NOTHING from losing everything to stand up for my rights and she still did so.

#IstandwithMirandaYardley and say thank you Miranda for waking us up. You will never know the debt we owe you. They hate you because we can win, they hate you because you have the acceptance of women and they hateyou because you have what they can never have, solidarity with women.

#IstandwithMirandaYardley cos she is brave, and she doesn’t care that she gets relentless shit and she takes that shit for my rights even though she gains nothing and possibly loses out in the backlash she knows as well as I do, is coming. And when that backlash comes, #IstandwithMirandaYardley and will fight for her rights as hard as she fought for mine. And my daughters. And my granddaughters.

Dear Shaun Faye,

I wanted to write you a short note directly. I don’t know how it happened, how after a private education and an Oxford education that place you among one of the most privileged men in the world, you failed so badly at life. I am grateful to you and the demonstration you are providing right now might be the most useful thing you ever do, so I would like you to continue. I thought I’d explain somethings to you. You know you said your identity was a free floating constellation that could only feel valid if it centred on women and subordinated them, that’s a disorder. It’s bad enough that your friends used gendered austerity(actually we have to use sex now), that decimated the lives of women for their careers. We know that in your circles you have little understanding of basic norms around abusive behaviour, I know that the level of entitlement that defines you and your peers means you are not aware of the complexity of the debate you are in. I know you never realised that your need identify as a woman to legitimise your need to abuse women had placed you in the centre of a debate about the alignment of safeguarding, equality and gender recognition frameworks. I know your narcissism means you didn’t realise this was a complex debate concerning major systems, austerity, and many vulnerable stakeholders. Your grotesque parody of womanhood the one you use to claim that you, as one of the most privileged men on the planet, are now the most marginalised of women is demonstrating something important.

When you have your picture taken in an attic conversion wearing the clothes that are usually forced onto girls who are trafficked, we know what you are referencing. I know what you are referencing because I have had to walk into those places and get girls out and i have had to sit in the hospital rooms and police stations, cleaning up the consequences of child trafficking. Your parody of those girls is grotesque and shows your performance of ‘womanhood’ is about how much you hate women and nothing more. The abuse and harm of young girls you fetishise in your grotesque parody tells everyone who you are, and in the months that have to pass before review of gender recognition frameworks are reviewed, we need you to continue in your grotesque parody. We need you to demonstrate how hyper privileged men view women, how they view identifying as a woman as a way to harm women in a way that was outlawed in the twentieth century and we need you to show you fetishise harm and abuse of working class teenage girls, and that you view THIS as something that would validate you. Your performance of misogyny is essential. It is also essential you continue to shout loudly. Because of your identity disorder, because you have no capacity to perceive other people outside their role as threat to your identity or validation you do the most extraordinary thing. A Mumsnet poster described it as watching a horny budgie pecking at his own reflection, and that is what you do. When you shout TERF and make accusations of TERFS, what you are actually doing is admitting your own motivations and actions. Its so reliable. Its uncanny. We need yoy to continue to demonstrate what privileged men will do, the lengths they will go to harm women, using the trans identity. Women like me will always stand for trans rights, long after you have found another way to express your self loathing, but right now in order ofr that to happen we need you to demonstrate the dangers of ill thought out legislation that doesnt fit with current safeguarding and equality act provisions. You only need to do it for a few months and then the moment will have passed ad in your grotesque parody, your fetishisation of the trafficking and harm done to working class girls you promition of harm to children and women, you will have done the world’s women the first favour you have ever done anyone.

You will finally have achieved something worthwhile. It may almost make being reduced to stalking mumsnet and trying to get fish finger manufacturers on your side to prove how fabulous you are, less humiliating.

‘Katelyn’ Burns

So this was written by an author called ‘Katelyn’ Burns. An article to punish her under 10 year old child for their attachment to their mother and their failure to validate her identity, in a public humiliation any mother would know was inconceivably cruel. Only a narcissist could possibly do this to a child, and a mother certainly couldn’t.

Because Katelyn cannot see beyond ‘her’ own identity, and doesn’t understand that ANY rational human being able to empathise and parent would be horrified by that, she now stalks my account. Her narcissistic rage makes her as dangerous to members of the public as she is to the child discussed in that article, I am now on the receiving end of it and she is engaged in soliiciting targeted reporting of my account. She is demonstrating narcissistic abuse of me, as someone who read the article(and did not include her id when discussing it for the sake of kindness) to refute me describing the narcissistic abuse of a child that shaped that article. Narcs are like that.  They think if they erase threats to their identity they become more secure. This is the problem with publishing and validating someone like ‘Katelyn’, you are generating risk and you don’t know who for.