Short message to India Willoughby

India darling, I wrote this post because I wanted to explain to you why women won’t be pandering to you. I realise I aimed a bit high, like most people I project and sometimes htis leads me to overestimate people. Regarding the Pink News meltdown…I don’t know if you are aware of the seriousness of the anti-semitism crisis we are facing, or the long history of anti-semitism. I won’t bore you with the historical pogroms, I’ll stick with the holocaust for now. 6 million people were murdered, in an industrialised slaughter made possible by centrally planned systems in an event which has created intergenerational trauma still being played out. We have a political party where jewish people do not feel safe and when they don’t feel safe, its because this is in living memory of people they know.

I don’t know if you know this, cos your womanhood is new, but women never were going to exist to validate you because identified as a woman. Let this penetrate India, to compare women not validating you in the way you hoped with a holocaust that wiped out six million people is astonishing. Crass, offensive, these words are not adequate.  You have already DEMANDED that your validation(as a woman!lol) requires the end of safeguarding systems for children, of spaces of safety from male violence for women, you have demanded subordination of domestic abuse survivors, and treated their PTSD and trauma as transphobia which you feel invalidates you. You have made your identity entirely dependent on external validation, you have profited from your transition to womanhood. At 51 you went from being a little known and forgettable local tv news reporter, to making a name for yourself by making these outrageous demands of the most vulnerable women in the country, and now you want to compare women’s failure to validate you in a way  you feel entitled to with a holocaust that wiped out 6 million people, while jewish people in this country face a world where the Labour Party isn’t even safe for them. You have seen the news, you have seen actual protests about anti-semitism, and how frightened and you have managed to equate THIS with your ridiculous, narcissistic, obscene demands of the most vulnerable women in the country being denied.

I don’t know what is wrong with you but I thought you might want to know your anti-semitism, your misogyny, your narcissism, they are doing great harm. Not to women, all you are doing to women is demonstrating the behaviour patterns that define the systems we are discussing, at an opportune moment, you are doing this to trans people. Every time you open your mouth another wave of people lose credulity at this situation. Women do not exist to validate you, nor do we owe you anything, nor are we required to centre you when we think about our lives, nor is your identity interesting to us. The only reason anyone is interested in you is your obscene demands that vulnerable women are subordinated to you and important services and laws undermined. We wouldn’t even notice a channel 5 ‘celebrity’ otherwise, we don’t wander round the house with our tits out, we don’t demand lesbians validate us. Let this penetrate India, the only reason you are interesting to women at all is the demands you have made of them. Which are as obscene as comparing those women to nazis and yourself to a victim of the holocaust because you didn’t quite get the validation you expected.

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