Peadophiles and conflation of peadophilia and homosexuality and trans identities.

I think I once wrote about my hairdresser, Arthur. He died a couple of years back, and I wrote a post about him. He used to look after young people, he was gay, a raving old queen he said and he had been for a long long time. He used to tell me stories about the struggle for gay rights, he could never quite get over the transition from being gay being criminal and a guaranteed life of violence being threatened, to competitions over gay weddings..He talked often about peadophiles who hijacked this. About the convincing peadophiles who nearly managed to get being homosexual conflated with a desire for children and wanted this.

Pink News and Pride took down the story about the ‘openly gay’ 3 year old, they said it was because the person writing the post had been subject to homophobia. In fact the author of the piece had in the past written about hte need for adults to respect the horny sexuality of children and respect and be open minded about this. The post was an expression of peadophilia, projection of adult sexuality onto a toddler, with the implicit suggesting the toddler consented.

The entire focus of this current queertrender/TRA focused debate is children. They have been placed at the centre of a debate their mothers are doxxed for noticing. We are asked to directly dilute and undermine existing safeguarding because of adult identities. Told children should be encouraged to believe their sex is mutable and their body can be changed easily to match their personality, told that children should be educated to know their boundaries and privacy no longer matter, and as violent activists make debates discussing safeguarding dangerous for women with responsibility for children, we are told that this is a valid protest to get access to children’s spaces of safety from predatory behaviour. We are told children can consent to lifelong medicalisation, and not allowed to mention how savage treatment to change your sex is and why it is a last resort for those suffering severe distress, adult motivations and desires are being placed on children, and online textbook grooming seeks to tell children their families and doctors are harming them and they should embrace their ‘glitter family’. While specialists in child development, treatment of gender dysphoria, and specialists in dealing with abused children are doxxed, threatened, and abused. Men like Shaun Faye cackled about how kids should be slutty before they are ready, suck cock and get tits early, while abusing their mothers, and telling everyone his identity has no core, while defaming doctors on television and claiming himself as an authority on children who should go to schools to inspire’ them..

Violent activists have placed validation of their identity dependent on the end of safeguarding frameworks, and any objection is transphobia. And now they want to abuse women, lesbians, mothers, professionals, for knowing this utterly batshit.

The right wing press have focused on the treatment for gender dysphoria for children, lupron, grooming behaviou of activists online, sending out binders, and encouraging and facilitating children in using off label, illegally purchased drugs, which have massive long lasting consequences. They did this because they know these activists will double down,

The trans women I know have done nothing. Most I would struggle to perceive as male, several don’t even know this is occuring because they stay away from a community who behave this way, and the very dear trans friend I lost over this, would never even remotely wish to undermine safeguarding for children. They are now deemed truscum as the umbrella of ‘trans’ is widened to include the elite students who want to claim marginalisation through being a Tumblr gender trender, and paraphiliacs for whom ‘trans’ is an expression of latent desire to be validated and fucked as a woman. Conflation of a paraphilia with gender dysphoria, undermines trans women who earned acceptance over decades, but more importantly it opens the door to a rerun of the PIE disasters of the 1970s. All of a suddent the stream of stories of children being sexualised in the name of this ‘revolution’ is unmistakable.

But this is occurring at an odd time. A time when we are reviewing the history of development of child protection, the impact of peadophiles presenting themselves as marginalised, and the links between these people and the care system and the children in it. We draw a distinction between paraphilias and normal adult sexuality for a reason.

We are drifting to a situation where the word ‘trans’ is about protection for paraphilias and rich kids, with transsexuals who earned acceptance thrown under a bus as this collection of very horrible people try to use the trans term to completely undermine equality and more importantly safeguarding frameworks. Once they have conflated the word trans with harm to children, and their dominance of htis debate opened the door to the same straight peadophiles and deviants who tried to latch onto gay rights, the public will not care to make finer distinctions. It is this that could undo trans rights for a generation and the backlash could threaten gay rights.

The only rights likely to be consolidated through this are women’s and this instance I am grateful for what these people are demonstrating, but the cost of this is going to be enormous. So many institutions have allowed their survival to be dependent on this, and they do not know what is coming. They just dont.

Its worth having read about the PIE mess of the seventies, am sure venom against Patricia Hewitt and Harriet Harman should provide material. The Child Abuse Enquiry should provide an illustration. How very odd that this is happening while this culture provide a more visceral demonstration of how this occurred than I thought possible.

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