Mail on Sunday

Mail on Sunday ‘exposing’ trans teenagers buying drugs online, this is the area of target cos there is most bang for your buck here. Liz Truss mentioned in an article which positioned trans rights with Theresa May, and had Truss sharing an article supporting Mumsnet. Article has transgender spokesperson describes Mumsnet as I cant remember, nasty, vicious, something or other.

And it picks up speed. I have said this a couple of times recently, I spend my life swimming against the tide. This blog is me swimming against the tide since 2010 in may ways. Swimming against the tide teaches you how to recognise when the swell is behind you, when the swell is big enough to carry a lot more than just you, and where in fact the swell is so big you could be lost in it. I tried to say this would happen.

This issue that these activists want to discuss without context outside their identity is sat on an intersection that is deep, goes to the root of more than one major crisis./ They can’t see that context. They don’t know they are just the noise for a crisis exposing a piece of a bigger puzzle. Activists threatening mothers with doxxing, assaulting pensioners, threatening and demonstrating male pattern abusive behaviour, are doing so at just the moment where everyone needs an illustration of it.

If trans rights make it through this we’ll be lucky, cos they could be gone for a generation if they go, but women have been forced to clarify the distance between trans as a characteristic, the homophobic sexual abuse of lesbians forces distance between it and sexuality, the appropriation and debasement of intersectionality alone, not to mention the equating trans status with race. As we head into a process where we realise we need to align our safeguarding, equality and gender recognition frameworks, the context becomes more important. Adults cannot be the most sigificant stakeholders in such a conversation, anyone demanding to is noteworthy and this conversation is much deeper and wider than the trans issue. The evolution of these frameworks rather depend on this, but there is a hierarchy here with children at the top and no adult identity sufficient to take precedence over that. Within this conversation demonstrating male pattern abusive behaviour, sexually coercing lesbians, and fetishising teenagers, while demanding safeguarding infastructure be diluted, and using threats and intimidation to get it, is interesting. Without the alignment with women, without the alignment with other categories within equality legislation, with political capital bound up in ties with politicians whose circumstances have changes…with teh right wing press united and everyone able to make political capital out of it…this is about to snowball.

The left are tied up with the most extremist trans activists and Corbynism is imploding, Owen Jones is melting down on twitter, and this ties into that implosion, while the right sie hold and try to stake hteoir political poisitions on being able to jump as soon as it look s like it will blow…

What’s interesting is the alignment of the narcissistic SJW generation with this particular issue. I identify as.. Identity is all. I don’t doubt that they recognised each other’s narcissism as the first truly felt activism they ever experienced. Thank god for the rest of us this makes them fairly predictable. Narcissistic rage is to be honest.

We need gender segregated spaces because male pattern abusive behaviour. QED. I wonder how this is going to hook into other crisis and metastisise. The noise aimed at women targeted by TRAs is nothing compared to the storm they are brewing.

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