Emma Healey

THis is Emma Healy. A campaigns officer for Camra and recently worked as an intern for Mumsnet.


Emma is a very privileged young women, not very bright, 25 years old with maturity that would be unacceptable in a working class woman by the age of about 13. Emma Healy used her time at Mumsnet, a site for mum’s of toddlers and young children, her time as a moderator, to steal data, to incite abuse of women who have responsibility for young children, and destroyed the one place that many isolated mum’s have. Even while they run from domestic abuse, even while they deal with poverty and 24/7 labour and care of those children, even as they deal with the resulting isolation, she decided that she would take that away. She thought it was whistleblowing for a highly privileged young women to place the most vulnerable women in the country at risk and take away one of the few means they have of talking to other people. She deliberately put women at risk and more importantly put kids at risk and felt good about it. This is what happens when you construct an identity for yourself as good, you lose the ability to reflect and you immediately start to cause harm. This young women looked at women dealing with mental health issues, domestic abuse, taking care of children in the most difficult climate this country has created for mothers in tears, and she decided that she would destroy this one thread of a place to talk to other women.

Because discussing biology and sex based protections, and protection against violence and abuse is transphobia. So all mothers are transphobes. Emma Healey is part of an attempt to place mothers in the permanent firing line to be abused for their biology. Motherhood will always be how the human race reproduces so a minority of homophobic, misogynist activists want us to pretend that this constant is their reason and justfication for abuse mothers. Mothers should accept biology is not real if they wish not to be abused. Until Mothers recant biology, the needs of their children, and seventy years of equality and safeguarding laws, Emma and her friends will make even speaking to each other dangerous. Mothers are to blame for the male biology of trans women and are oppressing them, mothers make trans activists  feel unsafe, mothers deserve to be threatened..Lesbians are being set up as a permanent target too…They are asking for it…deserve it…

I think the threat one of Emma’s friends made was ‘if Mumsnet won’t moderate the worst excesses of these women, maybe the loss of anonymity will’. I am sure it would be hilarious if someone got killed because Emma and her friends think they should decide how women should be supervised and punished.

Emma comes from a world most of us don’t know. We can’t imagine being so privileged and so stupid and getting away with it by the age of 25 because our world is not the same as Emma. We are expected to consider other people, we are expected to consider the law, we are expected to place children’s needs before our own. In Emma’s world you can pretend to be a child till you are thirty, put women and kids at risk, break the law, and go ‘I have learned my lesson’. Except women like Emma don’t learn ‘lessons’ because they don’t live in a world where actions have consequences. In Emma’s world the women and children she put at risk, the women she terrified, the precious links to other women she smashed, all nothing. Absolutely nothing. Consequences other women can bear so she can do as she pleases, as hyper privileged and dangerous young women expect.

2 thoughts on “Emma Healey

  1. I would imagine she’d be feeling a little less secure these days. I hope the women she has exposed are safe. She fucked up but at some point forgiveness, no? Perhaps she’ll be a mother one day and understand the fear her actions have caused ( and why children need protection from trans ideology ). She may even have an epiphany?


    • I hope so. I usually take the position they are young, they’ll grow out of it. Am so staggered at that though and I am worried that if we dont say loudly children are the line, this is the reason for this line, this line is serious this will become a norm. I do take your point though and even though I wittered about her privilege the post felt distinctly like it had a flavour of punching down…so..


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