The Idge of Reason

‘Tara’ Flik Wood

Tanis Wood is a mentally unstable but hyper privileged young man. He lives in a world where people will tell him his fantasy about violence against women, the feeling he has to protect a false identity by preventing women meeting, his need to hurt women, is actually womanhood. They tell him this because they don’t know what else to do with him, Tanis cannot function as a healthy adult he will never achieved anything or be able to function lie other adults. Strategies to deal with his autism, oppositional defiance and lack of functioning identity are centered on abusing and harming women because he identifies his disordered and dangerous thinking as womanhood. He will always be a risk to women. The problem with Tanis Wood is not that he is male, or that he is a 6ft public schoolboy, its that his mental disorder makes him a very dangerous male. A risk to women and kids. He has constructed a false identity for himself and in his privileged world been told that he can protect that by assaulting 60 year old women. Because he is mentally ill. When that false identity is threatened by reality? Who pays? Women. Because this hyper privileged thug is surrounded by people who will tell him his mental disorder is womanhood, he is angry at women.

This is the face of trans rights activism. What happens when the needs of hyper privileged students get conflated with inequality people actually live.

When men like Tanis and his peers have convinced everyone that the needs of trans people all over the country are the same as his need to hurt women, the political will which allowed trans rights to be easily achieved will be undone. Tanis and his mates will find new ways to process their disorder and we know who will be cast aside.

This is what class does. The emergence of a mediating class. One that hates women.

I take Flik Wood at face value. He feels his identity is so false that in order to protect it he needs to monitor, abuse and harm women. That is not womanhood. That is very serious mental disorder. The mental disorder that maes Flik Wood a danger to all women is not womanhood.