A call to arms

What happened with austerity was this. The Laurie Penny’s, Owen Jones, Novara Oxbridge proletariat, once they had used people and got their career boost, threw those people aside. While system failure kicked in. This will happen once the trans backlash means this issue has no more mileage. It is up to women to make sure that trans women are not thrown aside, and the gains that they made binned, because of what is now happening. It is actually up to us women to stand together when this is over and to reject the misogyny and make sure the bathwater is not thrown out with the baby and people who were asking for nothig more than a bit of protection, acceptance and respect and a normal life are not thrown with it. We all know how the backlash works in feminism, we live it, we know what it is when the posh activists have fed on people and what that looks like. It is up to us to make sure this does not happen. To not get lost in bullshit internet tribalism and lose sight of humanity. I have no wish to make the lives of women already facing huge barriers more difficult, my uterus is not the only thing that makes me a woman. I have more in common with older trans women than I do with young feminists, because our experiences are more similar. There needs to be middle ground, more light less heat and as per usual it falls to women to make sure this happens and when the bathwater is thrown out the baby doesnt go with it. The gender binary disappearing is good for all of us. The gender binary disappearing before inequality did was going to cause problems. We have to look beyond tribal positions and not lose sight of that.

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