Crisis in a mediating class continued….

In 2009, before austerity began, I knew the post war settlement was ending. The Baby P crisis where I walked out of my job, I knew absolutely to be a sign that the political consensus that defined the last thirty years was at its limits. Then austerity declared that equality would be rolled back for women like me and we would be returning to a 19th century society by the power of newspaper comment alone, and I knew shit was fucked. Then our mediating class landed on my head, and the shock at the left in meeting someone whose citizenship was not dependent on their pity demonstrated that we were at the point where our mediating class went into crisis. The abuse I received very much part of that. Tribalism is an excellent stabiliser, until we need to address political consensus, then, as we have seen, tribal stabilising functions generate instability.

This blog has followed that for seven years and I thought it was worth updating where we are. The London School of Economics has a multi-disciplinary centre for studying inequality and through crisis they will develop the understanding of power relations that defines social work, this will probably be messy, there are huge barriers t them doing this related to their role as an institution of class reproduction. The Guardian are running out of money. They just tried to roll back citizenship for an entire country and they have had to go tabloid, as they find they cant function in a world where posh mediators have no function. They deserve to go under and am rather enjoying the transition to tabloid format. The hard left have not noticed we are in system failure and Jon Lansman has just made it onto the NEC of Labour Party, and they are now going to destroy the party. The euphoria at Grenfell is done and their polling is flat, their exploitation of tragedy did not result in the support they assumed was theirs by right.

Twitter is currently abuzz as violent misogynists, and people who are dangerous to women try to brand violent misogyny as feminism. All this crisis is doing is exposing the vacuous gender theory that has defined pretend feminism and the abuse and violence that defines the difference between genders. When its done trans women who live with inequality will be forced to feel the backlash created, but ultimately it should expose the anture of masculinity. This class have tried to completely remove womens rights and destroy the systems we need. Women like Helen Lewis at the New Statesmanwho were willing to do anything to those challenging austerity have suddenly discovered gender and the systems that deal with violence and poverty are linked. Because there is something in it for them.

I identify as, the core of the neo liberal consensus is shown up as narcissism and this will continue. I dont know this ends but I do know, as I always did, that this crisis washes this culture away. Observing it is interesting even if they have paralysed our democracy, and we are in the middle of major system failure. They are easily bypassed because every institution they relied on has changed.

One thought on “Crisis in a mediating class continued….

  1. “I identify as, the core of the neo liberal consensus is shown up as narcissism”

    Yes! I’ve said this to you before but I fucking HATE transactivism. It’s backing me into a corner where I have to choose between women and transwomen I’ve known for twenty years. And I’m going to have to choose women, obviously. I also fucking HATE posh media feminism. It’s backing me into a corner where I have to choose between working class men in my own bloody family and Oxbridge graduates. And I’m going to choose working class men, obviously. I DON’T WANT TO CHOOSE. For the many and not the few MY FUCKING ARSE.


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