Conversations being had with children because of ‘feminism’.

I am writing this because I dont think my future self will believe it. We currently have contagion among young people, directly linked to social media, telling them that as trans children they are being denied their natural selves if their parents do not consent to drastic treatments, plastic surgery, hormones, puberty suppression. We have vacuous unstable narcissists like Shon Faye going on Newsnight saying parents are cruel. Stories celebrating women in their late teens having double mastectomies. It makes me want to weep.

We found another way to get girls to internalise hatred of their bodies, another way to get them to take it out on their bodies. No need fro anorexia, you can just stop puberty, bind your breasts, have them removed and if your parents object they are a trnsphobe. This is being pushed on CBBC. I had to have a conversation with sproglet about why we dont try to change our bodies to fix feelings of distress and why that is dangerous, and the conversation began with her thinking I was just being the equivalent of anti-gay. We have social media being used to encourage grooming of children, patterns including alienating them from parents, suggesting harmful things, and its clear as day what it is. But for a tiny elite group of morons near media this is their way to avoid that feminism as media cultures dictating to women is over.  The cost. The absolute cost of this, the wasted lives, the lost future families, the mutilated bodies. All to satisfy the narcissism of peo-ple who consider themselves activists. What a fucking world. What a world.

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