History will judge you: TERF Wars

We need to discuss the actual turf being fought over in TERF wars, because there is some confusion. I know many trans women, largely fucked over by same things I am. Intersections of inequality around marginalisation, economic inequality, violence, with a few added bonuses that I dont feel, and the inequality I feel is largely slightly different but the same in character. This is not complicated. We are not twats, we are able to understand we are different and the same and to know that inequality is a fucker that creates concrete walls around our lives.

Feminism is how 3.5billion women discuss inequality they face. This is not controlled by media organisations like the Guardian, and the New Statesman who turn everything into misogyny and have a disturbing belief this is their role. I can’t ‘exclude’ someone from discussing inequality they live with and no woman I know looks to the Guardian and the New Statesman to find out what to think.

That Terf wars are about media feminists and a bunch of twitter accounts arguing about the right to control how the worlds women think, conceptualise themselves and discuss inequality on the basis that these twitter accoounts and media feminists identify as having the right, we can safely assume the TERF wars are abnout narcissists fantasising over something that ios not in their control.

When someone says you are an object in my identity and will be abused if you fall outside that, you need to run. Tahts not a gender. Its narcissistic abuse. We have known this for a long time. Lots of women know this. We train women to recognise this in domestic abuse services. Equality legislation is at best recognition for women that equality is contested, its toothless. Equality legislation does not give you rights over someopnes ezlses perception, nor does it remove their ability or right  to risk assess, nor does it give you right to claim the need to overcome someones sexual boundaries, nor does it give you the right to abuse lesbians for not wanting cock. Whatever that is on twitter, presenting itself as trans activism, with the help of the Guaredian, New Statesman and the elite left, its not. Its narcissistic abuse. When Owen Jones says women have to accept narcissistic abuse as feminism, its the same thing as when he said he identified as the voice of austerity and would therefore be using the labour media machinery to prevent discussion of political consensus on it. I think we need to draw a line between narcisstic abuse and feminism. I know its difficult with the Guardian and co muddying the waters.

All that is happening with TERF wars ie the nature of masculnity is being expoed. The tangible difference between men and women is not our appearance, it is the violence that means men hurt women. And other men. And themselves. Abusers do not like being perceived on the basis of their behaviour, they like to be perceived on the basis of their identity. Women know this.

When we are discussing whether women  need rights try adding the phrase ‘ in a world where women are beaten, raped, and murdered by men regularly and without comeback’. I don’t know any trans women who don’t know this. I don’t know any trans women who think the right to sexually coerce and abuse should be theirs, I dont know any who think violence against women can be part of feminism. I do know lots of elite left commentators and activists who think everything should be abuse of women. The problem is these people, much as they did with austerity, want their misogyny conflated with trans rights. We object to abuse we are somehow attacking trans women. And they’ll throw trans women under a bus the way they threew those living with austerity under a bus. No. Abusive fuckers have tried this and it doesnt work. Misogyny is not feminism. Not ever. Nor is misogyny a right. I don’t confuse the violent misogyny online with the needs of the trans women I know, because they are not related.

Owen Jones says ‘anti-trans bigots’ will be judged by history. Given twitter provides historians with a written, chronological record of him preventing discussion of consensus on austerity while it killed people, it’s kind of sweet he is worried about history.

5 thoughts on “History will judge you: TERF Wars

  1. I DEEPLY resent having been dragged into this by the circle of turds led by Little Owen. I DEEPLY resent being lectured on womanhood by the likes of Shon Faye, who is quite clearly the epitome of an entitled bourgeois prick (and I use prick advisedly). Online transactivism has nothing whatsoever to do with the trans people I know (who, I have now discovered, are equally reviled by Owen et al as truscum). The problem is that these idiots have control of political parties and institutions. And it can only end in tears.


  2. I think you are truscum, like me! Also, that most terrible of things, an uppity woman. No difference between Owen on trans and the idiots that got you banned from Twitter. Same Maoist approach to legislated, woman-hating, virtue.


      • These are the people who would object to removing the ability of abusive ex-partners to cross question women in the family court, on the basis that the abusive ex-partner is a late-transitioner and the trans widow woman is an evil TERF. And I do not exaggerate.


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