Benefits of being off twitter

I feel aggrieved that that network was taken away but to be honest, being out of the milieiu of twitter is no bad thing. I dont know how we will explain in fiture that policy making, politicians and journalists moved into a chatroom while the most abusive policy in generations was unleashed, and after seven years they were literally watching themselves waste away in ever decreasing circles. It really is like the curtain fell down in the Woizard of Oz but he just carried on./ It is no bad thing to have had the demonstration I have had over the last seven years, of how these people respond to a social dimension being added to political communication. I realised that this was a huge gift, that I had been allowed to witness that and they had demonstrated what had always been there. Those people could directly beg their representatives on twitter and they would not even be acknowledged as human.


The counterrpoint to what is offline. Not everyone is doing badly, but the people who are have been subjected to this relentlessly now for seven years.  I dont know how to explain  how tired people are, how exhausted, how eroded they are as they face another winter or how it feels to know the people doing tis to them are sat in a chatroom like its business as usual. I think this is how identifies form. I think the feeling of ice in veins as you contemplate the harm being done and who it is being done to is identity forming. I think it probably payus to be careful and to keep an eye on reality when that ice is forming, but

am not sure pretendig it isnt there is worth it. It may have a purpose.



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