Owen and Sophie

So labour twitter is doing what it does best.

After using social media to encourage abuse of welfare claimants, social care users and any woman discussing the way austerity jeapordised the systems which allow women and children protection from abuse, it never really stopped. Owen Jones is today out leading the charge because a woman suggested that she was friends with a Tory. The misogynist boy Labour used to prevent discussion of political consensus on welfare, local authority decimation is encouraging people to abuse someone who said she was friends with a Tory. I have friends who are Tories, I have friends who are Labour, I would NEVER be friends with someone who would make a million quid out of preventing discussion opolitical consensus on the biggest social policy crisis since 1945 by abusing people on twitter.

When thugs tell us they are the voice of the people, and demand the right to abuse at will because their identity makes them good, I know to treat those people as dysfunctional and dangerous.


I would never be friends with someone who was part of a movement reliant on abuse of welfare climants, who tried to introduce abuse, intimidation and anti-semitism to political processes. Iw ould never be friends with someone who suggested their abusive chatroom should replace the rights we all have. I would never be friends with someone who solicited abuse of women, especially not someone who solicits abuse of women as frequently as Owen does.

The Labour left are doing something very very important. They are demonstrating what happens when a neo liberal party has to function in a dimension where there is social interaction. They are demonstrating the abuse that has to happen when they cant just abuse using media narratives.


I for one am very very glad that Owen Jones exists. Had the Labour left NOT done what they just did, we would never know they are the reason the  neo liberal consensus was not challenged for thirty years. Had this tiny culture of posh boys not moved to twitter to prevent Looked After Children, benefit recipients, and social care users discussing austerity and the political consensus on those institutions, we would be none the wiser. Noone would be friends with somneone who did what Owen Jones does. He is going to have to justify it for the next thirty years. No reasonable human being. But thanks to Owen we have a seven year written record of how a culture of posh boys prevented opposition to austerity by identifying as the voice of the people disenfranchised by media democracy. By demonstrating narcissistic rage every time someone shows him up he is guaranteeing that never again will a bunch of posh thugs be allowed to do what the Labour left just did. I can be friends with all political persuasions, but I cant be friends with someone on the Labour left. I am grateful they were so stupid they used the internet this way and am sorry Sophie is caugfht in their abuse today.

Thanks to Owen Jones, the generations of the working class who have to recover from what austerity just did have a written, chronological record, of how the labour left always worked to make sure Thatcher, Blair, Major, Cameron, and now May never had an opposiution. We now know why our trade unions didnt represent us. Poor Sophie is getting the brunt today, but what they have demonstrated can’t be undone. We now know there are posh boys in Oxford who truly believ they can identify as our representation, will write new histories for us, and then abuse people who remind them this is false and these boys will have the power of political parties, newspaper coliumns and abusive peers to try and impose that..

Generations of us will be grateful. As for Sophie? Sophie, let him abuse you, let him demonstrate what he is. Which is a nasty wee narcissist who just prevented challenge to austerity by directly abusing women, social care users, and now you.

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