@debbie_abrahams on Peston today.


  • This is Debbie Abrahams lying on Peston this morning. Not obfuscating, not being vague, but outright lying. First of all it is important to acknowledge one truth, welfare policy is always subject to consensus, this has always been the case. Labour defined the working class by desire to abuse welfare claimants, and when welfare spending expanded to the working population this placed them in a bind. THis is why the Labour left were unleashed in 2010, to prevent us discussing that consensus.


The key differences between Corbynism and Blairism re: Welfare:

  1. Blair used the language of appeasing the markets, but the distributional impact was the poorest benefitted. The pursuit of asset based welfare turned out to have appalling consequences and is at the root of this crisis, but that is true, the transfer of welfare spending to the working population turned out to be flawed, but this still true.
  2. Blair contributed and upheld toxic media narratives which demonised the poorest, and reinforced perception of the working class as defined by not claiming benefits, and tax credits and progressive reforms were presented as something that was not benefits, but an evolution of your tax code.
  3. Blairism relied on managing a media message to triangulate.


  1. Uses the language of socialism to uphold abuse of welfare claimants
  2. Uses the language of socialism to pay for middle class bribes, while upholding welfare cuts.
  3. Did this knowing that the working population are welfare dependent
  4. Did this knowing that the benefit freeze comes with a body count and is happening at the same time as inflation caused by Brexit is pushing food and fuel prices up
  5. Did this after seven years of brutal welfare cuts that have generated complete system failure
  6. Doesnt have a media landscape so relies on intimidation, abuse, and threats to women and jewish people to uphold this consensus, rather than media narratives. So in addition to suffering welfare cuts, anyone discussing them is at risk near this culture.
  7. Corbynism demands that trade unions and direct activism are used to prevent people discussing welfare changes that impact them and so removes every single means of democratic representation and means to challenge them.

THis interview demonstrates several things:

  • The dishonesty of Labour
  • That PCS and UNISON, who are part of Corbyn’s power base are not currently functioning and are not aware of this system failure
  • That Labour would uphold the neo liberal consensus till long after it was dead and the Labour left were a vital component for it for its lifespan
  • Labour are happy for the suffering the benefit freeze is causing and wish to use the casualties as decoration.
  • That the entire fake ‘anti-cuts movement’ was about selling welfare and local authority cuts. Which was clear to me here and which I have been abused for seven years for saying. This is what Corbynism is.

THis is a post about Universal Credit, which explains where we are and what we need to do. You will not find this stuff in the Guardian, New Statesman or Labour Press, because they have spent 7 years attacking anyone and silencing anyone who discusses it. I am disappointed in Debbie, I know behind the scenes she has tried to make Labour behave on welfare. Outright lying on Peston is unacceptable though, its just unacceptable.


7 thoughts on “@debbie_abrahams on Peston today.

  1. I absolutely agree on all this but can I offer one, tiny, caveat? Lab manifesto specifically committed to removing sanctions (although not ALL conditionality). I think Debbie is ok still – she is struggling to explain that the intention is for non-welfare policies (housebuilding, minimum wage etc) to reduce the welfare bill. I think the Corbynite wing doesn’t give a shit for all the reasons you bang on about.


  2. It pisses me off because I’m not AS anti-Corbyn as you (but as anti- the media/posh kids swirling around him). He could actually be a figurehead for proper welfare reform if he actually commissioned anyone to do the work. I think you are right in that it’s all about identity – “I identify as your representation” is one of the best things you’ve ever said!


  3. I would just like ONE LABOUR POLITICIAN to unashamedly stand up for low income mothers. Never gonna happen though. People in my Tory-voting village do more every day for low income mothers than this lot will ever manage.


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