I am to believe I have the Novara brats to thank for my twitter account being taken down

It is threatening for a single parent to discuss austerity within earshot. No more so than if you invited that single parent to be the badge of authenticity for your movement at its birth, and then put her child at risk because she needed to discuss the consensus on austerity. If you have been part of targeting and harassing vulnerable people after you recruit them for authenticity for your movement and you put a kid at risk, its really important that you spend seven years aiming hate at that woman and then if she continues to talk, you need to get her twitter account taken down. The reason Novara needed to get my twitter account taken down is because their movement only works if they can intimidate, abuse, and people don’t answer back. I am happy for them to demonstrate how they prevent people challenging austerity, and the impact of them viewing themselves as competing with welfare claimants for a ‘movement’. And for them to demonstrate they actively seek to remove platform for women and welfare claimants who threaten their false identity as a ‘movement’ for the poor.

These people want to be the media base for Corbyn, but once that is the case, social media is not for activism its for them to abusing people on behalf of the Prime Minister. Apparently social media activism will be done and dusted once these people have power. I am flattered that after recruiting me for their fake movement in 2010, my reality is so powerful and damaging to them that after they relentlessly abused me, exploiting and aggravating the vulnerability that made me useful to them, put my kid at risk, they had to resort to having my twitter account taken down and claiming I have harassed them. Narcissistic abuse. I identify as your representative and will abuse you until reality fits my delusion and I will make you go away. Hohum.

The bright future of new media. Where if one of them rapes you you better make sure Harvey Weinstein happened that week, and where terrorising women and kids is a tactic  and people saying your behaviour has put children at risk, and is creating material risk, and is causing distress, is a personal attack and harassment. When hearing your behaviour described accurately is perceived as an attack the problem is your behaviour.


PS if this post comes up in a journalist’s search, because you are doing a story on Novara, do feel free to contact me. Am really happy to help and I think I would be very very useful ;-D

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