A thank you.

So the suspension of my account was permanent. It was taken permanently. When I realised, I said I would accept it but I was devastated. Not because I need twitter, because I probably have to shut my account down soon for ‘reasons’ anyway, but because of the feeling of being driven out of the public sphere in such an unjust and outrageous way. It wasn’t just the lost of the ‘platform’, I don’t use it for broadcast, am not media. That was people I have been speaking to for 7 years, the entire network.

So I just tried to go through my feed to read some of the people who demanded twitter bring me back, it took too long and I couldn’t get through it all. I was properly moved by some of the things that were said.  These fuckers may have targeted me for the past seven years, but twitter has also been a source of incredible people and I would have been really sad to lose that network.

Thank you.

You can put me back on mute tomorrow. Or next time am doing maths revision or slime making.


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