Statement about elite left and their hate campaign and my twitter account being shut.

The hate campaign against me by the elite left began 7 years ago when I was invited to Oxford university, by people now at thecore of Novara, this culture have just made sure my twitter account has been closed,  my response to their hate campaign has been treated as harassing them. This is how they use activism to subordinate marginalised identities, to reproduce the neo liberal system by the way.

In the last seven years, while also dealing with EXTREME poverty because of the austerity they used, the social circle of young people I met at Oxford University have led this hate campaign against me because they recruited me to be a badge for their movement and my reality showed their bullshit up as infantile

THIS post on Universal Credit is why I am a threat to them. This is after a seven year campaign which has included continual public harassment, death threats, rape threats, internships ended, attempts to stop me being published, violent stalkers being validated, defamation and abuse continually. You can see here that I was initially sucked in by them. To say they made my life a living hell after this is an understatement.

I don’t know why young people who already live above the law, were already given EVERY card, have to terrorise a single mother for discussing serious system failure but now they need me to be off twitter. I emailed Ash Sarkar to give her the context of this harassment, which her colleagues are all aware of, and she immediately declared she had an inbox full of harassment, a narcissistic reflex which is dangerous and so I published the emails but they referred to impact of the hate campaign on my daughter, The content of those emails, much like the events in them with her peers at the root would be damaging for my daughter just to read. She is old enough to google so I have password protected them.

Emails are here. Just message me for the password in the comments box. My daughter cannot read them but I think its important to see how Ash and Novara respond to the context of their harassment of me and I think its important to see just what a significant impact the behaviour of elite cultures can have, when you are already made vulnerable by the austerity they are exploiting. There is a bit of me does feel shame and I dont want to share that context to their harassment of me, because you dont want to share stuff about malnutrition, or poverty or te impact and I never liked people feeling sorry for me or wanted to play that game. I emailed Ash because I thought she may not be aware of that context. I dont know how anyone is supposed to withstand the torrent of hate the social circle around these people have aimed at me, as well as withstanding that level of poverty. I dont know why they hate me, life gave them everything and mine was hard enough. But now they need me to not have a platform at all, this is the second twitter accunt they have taken away, the last one they hacked. Cos they don’t get enough cookies at Oxford, Cambridge and their rich mummy’s and daddy’s didn’t tell them the poor had a say in their representation…..

James Butler in particular was acutely aware of all this vulnerability when his friends did this, he was acutely aware of how poor we were, how vulnerable I was because I was a careleaver, and that we were literally barely able to keep a roof over our head before they unleashed this hate campaign,. You will note, you can read my blog, my published work and what is in those emails is consistent with the events and issues raised there throughout austerity. Because for me it was never about a career it was real. Now I have had my twitter accoount taken away because this generation of elite media brats, need not only to use abuse and intimidation but to try and control their environment by removing any ability of the poor to speak at all.

7 years of hate aimed at me, by elite students because they learned a version of the working class at university and me living in absolute poverty and wanting to challenge it is a threat to them. 7 years of unbridled hate from people with privilege you will never have, jealous because the abject poverty you are living is  authenticity they desire.  I’d swap authenticity for being able to keep a roof over my kids head and my life not being that. While the demonstration of how the elite left were an essential component of the neo liberal consensus, I am stunned by their behaviour.

Driving me out of a chatroom does not make what I say go away, the reality of it does not stop being real, and ultimately the prize of ‘king of the chatroom’ is not interesting to me and it does not change the impact of the severe violent hatred of women, working class people, and the subjects of their analysis, by the NOvara brats. Nor does it change their tendency to abuse and harm and to enjoy distress. I amonly saying what millions of people already know and articulating something that is real, so terrorising me doesn’t stop that.

I am not one of life’s victims, I still ended this period with an LSE masters and a bright future, and my daughter is a marvel with a bright future, but I now have to enter a world which produced these young people. LSE at least taught me that their behaviour is largely just their dysfunctional plus a blindness that is reflected across elite institutions. Its just that blindness plus the violent ad extreme misogyny and abusive tendencies. To manage the extreme poverty and vulnerability that austerity created, while being subjected to a 7 year hate campaign by people who have never wanted for anything has been extraordinary but it scares me that these people will go after your child, you, your job, your home, and then perceive it as an attack on them if they are not successful. Is this representative of a class? Or is it just the thick dossers on the fringes of the elite and a higher concentration of dangerous and abusive people? How did these people come to hate us so much when they never met us? How do you reconcile being a socialist with hating working class women so much you will try to destroy their life for speaking? I suppose at least the violent hatred of women, the poor and working class people shown by Ash, James, Aaron and Sam, can be explained by their need to use those people as symbols but the only people i have ever known who have enjoyed distress, and behaved like were psychopaths.

If these young people are willing to harm children, women, and anyone else, and will be chasing anyone who threatens their false image out of the public sphere with violence,a nd by literally trying to remove ability of people to speak in public, I worry about what happens if these people get near power.


7 thoughts on “Statement about elite left and their hate campaign and my twitter account being shut.

  1. Hi Lisa, if you give me the password I’ll look at the emails you’ve published to try and understand the problems you’re describing . I’ve spoken to you on twitter a couple of times. Cheers, Heidi


  2. Hello Lisa. This is a difficult read, but unfortunately one that has an absolute ring of truth. I would like to see the emails as part of ongoing research into the bullying culture of the hard left. Many thanks.


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