Jude in London(2)

I understand you are abit upset. The thing that you have to understand Jude is your need to abuse people, your ability to manufacture a false identity for yourself online and then use taht identity to justify abuse and intimidation, it’s  not that special. It’s very common. I know people you know, they wanted me as their novelty pov when austerity began because your fake movement needed some authenticity. It ended with your mates putting a kid at risk.

Seven years., how many women have you targeted and physically intimidated, attacked, been part of a hate mob for? It has be in the triple figures by now. Must be at least once a week. I blocked you when I watched you targeting a mother whose child was in the house because you learned a new word on twitter, and your fragile identity changed immediately and you had to attack that woman to protect your fragile identity. I wonder how many weeks in the last 200, you didn’t participate in a hate mob. She was distressed, frightened, her child was in bed, you and your friends really enjoyed that. I bet there isn’t a single week where you didn’t abuse someone on behalf of bunch of posh students. Not one in years.

Yesterday you attacked me. Apparently am a racist. You participated in a pile on of a women, watched her being abused, you watched someone look through her tweets for ‘evidence of crimes against ‘the left’, ignored the many times I have discussed the appalling abuse Dianne Abbott got, challenged it even though I don’t like her, and then you abused me. The reason you did this is the reason you and your mates have targeted so many women. You create an identity for yourself online and then you are malleable enough so tat you will attack anyone. It’s what people like you are for. Your mates know you are stupid and that you barely need to be pointed in the right direction and you will abuse on demand.

You are quite thick, its why you are so useful. You don’t really understand the words spout, the theory your friends pretend to read, you just need an excuse to target another women. Your friends use you because they know you will attack anyone they say without a single though and laugh about it. Week in, week out, Jude needs her fix of abusing some woman. How many women have you abused Jude? Is it over a 100 yet? You need to feel powerful so you need to target women and if your friends will like you,. you will do more. The question is where would you stop? What wouldn’t you do to a woman for male approval? It’s sad really. I note your twitter account was suspended,. quite frankly the need you have to abuse people am surprised you are not in prison. I wouldn’t rule it out long term.


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