Theresa May went to Florence. There was a speech. Am not sure why. I tried really hard to ignore the speech, but I didn’t manage it. Anyway, being part of Europe isnt part of our national story she says, we are leaving the customs union and the single market. We are going to be a tiny island, remove ourselves from trading blocs, and place ourselves as the site of tension between the US and Europe. Holy fucking shit.

Internally, we have Labour who are now openly reliant on abuse of women and anti-semitism and we have major political instability due. Universal Credit is deciding its boundaries through crisis, and is failing, we have multi-institutional system failure likely to lead to a Labour government. Neither the Tories nor Labour are fit to lead right now.

We are in the middle of a belief system dying and torn between our identity and reality, and if Brexit didn’t constitute an act of reckless self regard and insane delusion, we are very prone to actions that could be described thus.

We are not a country who understand instability. We are in grave danger and we can’t see it.


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