These things are not normal

It is not normal to fantasise about harming women. It is not normal to believe women should be punched, raped, or killed, if they refuse to validate you. It is not normal to believe that a woman writing a report at work years ago, means women are responsible for murder. It is not normal to look at murders committed by men and believe those crimes are a reason to hurt women. These things are not normal if you are man, they are not normal if you are a woman. They are a sign you are very seriously unwell and pose a risk to people.


3 thoughts on “These things are not normal

  1. Hate to say it, but this isn’t a fringe position any more. It’s a central belief and tenet of almost all the online activity – and the population is so small, online activity is probably most of it. A friend’s kid came out as a lesbian (she’s 15) and was harassed off all her social media because of this cotton ceiling business. Dick picks (to choke on) and all. FIFTEEN. She hasn’t even snogged a girl yet.

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  2. Yes. Someone will get killed. And women as a class will be set back a generation, in addition to the generation austerity has set them back. I have a trans friend I’ve known since the early 90s (yes, am old) and she is just shitting herself at the backlash this will inevitably create. Wishes there’d never been a Gender Recognition Act, let alone wants it to be extended.

    I’ve been watching all this go down over the last week and thinking about how you are always going on about needing a new centre position in politics. If we had one, this nonsense wouldn’t be getting this far: it would be being managed at a sensible rate and in a way that didn’t frighten the horses. The absence of any sense or competence in politics is letting all kinds of fringe lunacy out of the woodwork. Wherever I look, the country is being damaged for no reason.

    Not sure that’s just me doing word association football, but that’s how it feels.

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