Opting out of the news

Am trying to opt out of the news. Just for a couple of days. It’s much more difficult than you’d imagine. You accidentally look at twitter, and there has been a nuclear test, or a terrorist attack in London followed by the Foreign Secretary setting out a 4000 page vision of the inside of his own rectum. Universal Credit is being rolled out by a culture who know its not deliverable. A woman has been choked by an activist who thinks feminism is te right to get laid, overcome sexual objections, and punch women who refuse to make your inner identity their entire existence. I am on Season 3 episode 6 of Game of Thrones and wearing my pyjamas. My house looks like a squat. I wonder if you just ignore it all does it go away?


2 thoughts on “Opting out of the news

  1. If only, I’ve been ignoring the news for weeks now. I got some strange looks this morning as I knew nothing about the attack yesterday. But I don’t think my knowing about has actually changed anything. As for the squat, the bacteria will help build your immune system 😉 Interesting reading as always.


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