A post cos I should

THis blog has followed the post war settlement unravelling since it became apparent that is what was happening. The UK/US Washington consensus is officially dead and buried. Across the Atlantic things are taking a sinister turn. THere is all out war in the White House, Bannon is gone, so is Gorka. Just another day, just a couple of fascists leaving the White House. Trump used a hurricane that is threatening to tear apart Texas, to announce he was pardoning a Sheriff who used a county jail like a concentration camp to harm latina and black americans. The things this man did are shocking, and Trump used a hurricane to pardon him in a message to America that should alarm everyone. This is the President’s response to Black Lives Matter. No. They don’t and concentration camps are patriotic. This in a country where the prison industrial complex replaced slavery.

We are in chaos. The hard left have the Labour Party, and want hard Brexit. Today there was a statement from Keir Starmer, which attempted to soften this but we know Corbyn will sabotage it within a week. Our government is in chaos, unstable, and don’t appear to be able to pull it together. Media are still wasting away watching their own reflections like narcissisus and the power vacuum we have created could have huge consequences.

Essentially the system of global hegemony that defined the post war period is over. we have a power vacuum and global power is realigning. We can’t see it here because the US and UK can’t see outside themselves or how others see us. We don’t know we are in the shit.

System failure is growing in our cash transfer system, child protection systems, and the boundaries of Universal Credit are going to be resolved through crisis. I see those crisis and those crisis are going to hurt people.

I finished at the LSE at long last. Once my dissertation is marked, I will post it here.

I haven’t been posting, I haven’t had time, but am aware that my future self will want a record.

It’s the strangest thing but hte crisis they unleashed on us in 2010, has now come full circle and it is now destroying our political system and we are being thrown over a cliff. Look out your window and the world is fine, its been a gorgeous summer(I missed most of it cos studying) and kids all over the country are learning how to make polymers with household chemicals…seeking the perfect slime…

Schools go back next week and the toddler who was the reason I started this blog is picking a high school this year.