The response of @callmemrfister to being called abusive

Is to encourage his followers to abuse other women, getting users like @lordycynico to take part, calling them ‘loonbags’. He’s a bit of a Darwin award contender, as is @lordycynico. People who spend their days abusing women on the net o n behalf of the Labour Party generally are. It’s why John McDonnell is so dangerous. As demonstrations of how Corbynism uses abuse of women, you could do worse than follow @callmemrfister. He’ll show you day in and day out, how the Labour Party uses abuse of welfare claimants to uphold political power. And if you describe it as abuse, he will show you that he can’t help it. Someone is going to get killed by the end of the summer because Corbynism relies on men like this. Would that be ‘social murder’, would Labour take any responsibility? No. I think not.

Apparnetly I need sexual imagery to be included in my abuse, so this kind of thing is coming my way now. But this is all normal. These people are normal…no.




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