I am off twitter for 6 days.

THis is how Labour left work. @callmemrfister wishes not only that his right to abuse women on behalf of the Shadow Chancellor be protected, but that women do not injure his identity by describing it as abuse.

THis is a very dangerous reflex. Essentially @callmemrfister has been encouraged to place an individual at the core of his political identity, so that whatever a political party do, he will abuse anyone who objects. When John McDonnell uses words like ‘social murder’ it means that @callmemrfister will have justification for this. Many men don’t draw the line at internet abuse, and many men do this offline. Which is why when John Mcdonnell incites violence it’s a problem.

What we learned in the twentieth century, was that creating an identity for yourself as inherently good justifies appalling actions. Only through reflection on the power you exercise can you address inequality.

I have to be driven from the public sphere because the identity that @callmemrfister has adopted is false. When your identity is attached to nothing, you lash out to protect it. Its at the core of much domestic abuse and the violence women face from men. He lashed out at me because he is supporting a political leader upholding welfare cuts that even made Iain Duncan Smith sick and a woman on benefits discussing it is aproblem. So he will abuse women on benefits and drive them out of the public sphere to protect a powerful man. He can’t admit this to himself so he has to try and get my twitter account shut down., Because if he makes me go away it means its not true that this is what he does. This is why Corbynism is so dangerous. Men like @callmemrfister. Me being booted off twitter for 6 days does not change what this is.


3 thoughts on “I am off twitter for 6 days.

  1. How will you cope with a 6 day ban from Twitter ? I mean it’s literally your life . I looked through the Twitter thread and it appears you over reacted somewhat just to him correcting you on who was and wasn’t in Government and what exactly that means. you went looking for a debate and when you lost it you cried foul .


    • No he wasnt, he was demanding I pretend the shadow chancellor has no power, it doesnt matter that welfare cuts are in that manifesto and pretending that John Mcdonell wasnt inciting abuse which he was. THen he retweet to incite my abuse from his followers which is the cultural norm i was referring to and the problem here is that I wont pretend a false identity entirely existing on twitter means that I should be loyal to people who abuse women on the internet. That something in Jeremy Corbyn means I am obliged to pretend that is not abuse on behalf of a politcial party. I have actual responsibilitoies and things that i do, twitter is the chatroom I use. It is people who abuse women on behalf of political leaders because their identity is constructed in a chatroom who behave the way this person does. Its dangerous. On the contrary, you need to believce that I am not a person off twitter with every right to be focused on welfare cuts and the consensus underpinning them, because that gives you the right to be a twat to me. Its you who needs to get your twitter into perspective not me.


    • Your problem isnt that I am reliant on twitter, its that I am not. Its that I am a single mum on 160 quid a week and you believe that single mothers on 160 a week should be abused when the shadow chancellor says so, in case it interrupts a false identity he is sellling. And apparently women like me are expected to obey the followers of the shadow chanccelor and if we dont pretend poverty isnt real and welfare cuts dont kill people when labour sell them, we have to be abused. Its not me abusing women because of an identity formed on twitter, around a political party. Its you. Its your mate. Its you demonstrating how abuse and intimidatoin of women upheld the neo liberal consensus. You mate abused me and then tried to get me thrown off twitter because he was so ashamed of abusing a single mum on behalf of labour, to prevent me discussing welfare cuts, that he couldnt bear to hear me describe his behaviour accurately. You are here for the same reason. If you just pretend the problem is that women shouldnt be allowed to use twitter you can pretend its not abusing single mothers on benefkts to protect the neo liberal consensus. Its you who spends too much time on the net and it leads you to attack women and abuse them. Its a bit sad but its a lot scary.


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