Adity Chakrabortty

I have a huge amount of respect for your work, your understanding of the political consensus that has harmed so many in the last 30 years is exceptional. Your posts about people having the vapors over John McDonnel inciting abuse and violence indicate a blindspot which has been evident for a while. You can clearly see that women, jewish people are being targeted and physically and verbally intimidated day in and day out. You can see people like April Preston who was terrorised at home, you know women like me having folders full of death threats, and rape threats. When you tell people that there is academic justification for this you are being disingenuous. You are pretending you dont see this, you are pretending there has not been(and remains) political consensus on the welfare cuts and local authority changes that I work on, you are pretending that when John McDonnell is inciting abuse of his political opponents and critics it is not felt in women being abused, threatened, having their kids put at risk. You tell people thatyou support the organised abuse that this ‘movement’ requires. If someone did that to you you would say something. But I wouldn’t do that to you and nor would most people you know. You would do that to use.

When you offer spurious academic justification for this it enables our abuse. It is no different to the far right, except apparently it somehow is…something to do with us being acceptable price for your political identiy and us being unabusable if its your comrades. No political party wishing to address inequality would be helped by you doing that. It is harmful to Labour when their followers do this, it is more harmful when their journalists show who is expendable and who can be hurt and who their political movement can target with impunity. Equality legislation has always mapped out who is abusable and who isnt. This is not unexpected.


2 thoughts on “Adity Chakrabortty

  1. Well well well. Who’d have thunk it, eh?

    Hopefully others are amused at notions of John McDonnell “inciting hatred and abuse”. Or notions of how “dangerous” the man is in a previous post (assuming he is still considered to be a man, and not a lizard?). On the side issue of lizards, it is perhaps fortunate that the ADL have stamped out discussions of wankers being potential lizards, and most pertinently in this case, wankers calling other wankers lizards due to differences in politics or because one of the chief womble wankers used to play in goals for Wimbledon and has about as many brain cells as he does England caps.

    Back in 2010, this very same blog savagely attacked Tony Blair for his illegal war. Blair was a “lapdog” and maybe even “disingenuous” or “lying”. But he wasn’t “dangerous”. Blair was never dangerous. He was maybe a bastard, maybe even an inglorious one, but he wasn’t a communist. He wasn’t dangerous.

    History shows us with utter clarity that ignoring hatred and allowing it to flourish is a disaster for the left. But history also shows us that those who are utterly appalled at a fire in a building that they believe was started by a Jew or a Communist, but who have very little to say about the despicable nature of Oswald Mosley are probably merely Nazi scum who need to be cut down. Perhaps even literally cut down like a rotten weed in a garden full of dirt. Of course, such words and cheap poetic imagery are appalling. Speaking of cutting someone down like an unwanted weed with a knife at their neck is unacceptable. I’d rather bomb a hospital in Fallujah, or at the very least act like the latter was far more acceptable than the former.

    Let us praise the Lord for all those disabled children. But did you hear what Glenn Hoddle said?

    What a bastard.


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