For Attention of:Alt-McCats @maybethisisawar

I am writing this to you because of your hobby abusing and harming women. You wrote an eloquent explanation about why you desperately need to abuse and harm women and why it is justfified because middle class politeness is not appropriate when dealing with the poverty and despair you say drives you.

This was you exploiting women, exploiting women’s hardship to justify abusing them, threatening them, and disenfranchising them. It was YOUR behaviour and the behaviour of YOUR culture that meant women suffering the actual impatc of austerity could not challenge it. You make it dangerous for them and their children to go near challenging austerity. The Labour manifesto upheld the welfare cuts that this year will kill women, that have already led to them losing their kids, being harmed by abusive partners they can’t leave, and it used them to pay for a tuition fee bribe. In effect the movement you are part of is responsible for this. People who actually work with inequality know one thing, they know that when you are working with someone, or speaking for someone with less power than you have, you have to take care. They know without reflection on the impact of what they do they will cause harm. THis is not unusual for the people who actually deal with inequality, who live wit hit. But those people not just abusive men looking for a moral justification to threaten, intimidate and harm women.

Your response to me, when you called me an ‘IT’ and incited your followers to abuse me, your behaviour to other women, it makes you a risk to all women. If you want a hobby absusing and intimidating women, which you do, find another justification. Your so called eloquence in justifying your absolute need and right to hurt, harm, disenfranchise and intimidate women is not new to 21st century women. We know how to identify it. Your reasoning is that of a rapist, peadophile or domestic abuser. You do not have the right to abuse, intimidated, or harm any woman and you certainly do not get to walk over the corpses of the women paying ofr austerity to justify it. You are a risk to women. Own it. You don’t get to claim moral authority for being a risk to women and you certainly can’t address inequality by doing so.

You are correct., There are times when politeness will not do. Your hobby abusing, harming, intimidating women, is about you. There is no moral justification for it and it harms all women.


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