Going to Pride to make people ashamed

Today, the left have decided that they will decide who is allowed to be gay, and if someone is gay they will decide if those people are acceptable and allowed to walk the streets without fear. @SnowflakeAJ_87 and @dylanhm attended Pride to tell people that Pride is not about being able to walk the streets, with your head high and without hiding your sexuality. They used Pride to abuse and scare people, and to tell them being gay was sufficient that you are required to obey them and vote the way they say they are allowed to, or they will abuse and you and frighten you off the streets.

The only thing you do when you decide that the political label you choose makes you inherently good, is you make sure that you cannot reflect on your actions and you will hurt people. THese men are  vicious nasty homophobic bullies who chose to use a Pride march to tell gay people to get off the streets or be afraid. THey think this makes them good. It makes them dangerous bullies.

THis is a message. NOONE is required to ask your permission to be gay. Noone is required to ask your permission before they vote. Noone is required to be afraid to be on the streets because you are so small minded and you do not have the right to make anyone afraid to walk the streets and believing you do have that right makes you a very nasty piece of work.


Appparently Corbyn taking money from regimes who hang gay people, being close friends with men who think homosexuality is akin to peadophilia and should be dealt with violently, means that they had the right to do this. And being gay means you should be abused for not voting for this man.


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