Dear Aaron Bastani,

Aaron, am sorry for interrupting you practicing your pout, but we need a chat. I met you in 2010 when you were blacblocking up so you could have a ruck at protests against austerity, when your mates were abusing welfare claimants because obviously a tiny social network rooted in elite institutions needed austerity to build media careers. I met you through James Butler, who also liked wearing black to beat up working class people at protests, and you were all excited about the opportunities that austerity would create for you while it killed people.

I met him at Oxford University, he told me the offspring of pop stars were comrades. You and your friends are now at heart of Corbynism, and have managed to get the ‘careers’ you wanted, while those welfare cuts are still in that Labour manifesto. This summer and winter they will kill people. People have already lost kids. People already died. Thousands of people.

Anyway, you weren’t really open about your experience on David Miliband’s campaign when you were pretending to be the revolutionary poster boy, you definitely weren’t open about your views on the need for ‘the poor’ to be given a can do attitude by excellent workfare policies.

The opposition to welfare and local authority cuts had to be stopped, so you and your friends could wank off about fully automated luxury whatever and your plans for the glorious revolution.

You had your anti-cuts movement and social care, child protection, and our welfare system went unnoticed. They went unnoticed as social care collapsed, as our child protection system became punitive, as poverty was created and people died, and children were removed from women who couldn’t leave domestic abuse, and adopted.

You don’t really know the difference between astroturf, the synthetic creation of the appearance of a grassroots movement, and a genuine grassroots movement. Grassroots activism in this country shaped the institutions targeted by austerity, we learned about inequality a long time ago, but that knowledge never made it to policy making. You and your friends managed to demonstrate how inequality generates political risk, that elite social closure has taken the actual power of labour, and trade unions that should have been able to say these things could not be done without system failure, were needed so you lot could have another route to media from elite institutions.

Political science, plus twitter, plus market orthodoxy and middle class bribes. Yeah, that’ll succeed as long as noone finds out how pro-Brexit Corbyn is.Your bullshit political science Phd is not worth the cost of having it bound(lol- I got a copy…how the fuck that passed I do not know). It apparently entitled you to solicit the abuse of welfare claimants, social care users, to get a fake anti-cuts movement.

Then we saw that intimidation and abuse extended to elected representatives and journalists, and now you think you are within a sniff of power. No sweety. The system failure caused by austerity is driving your vote, I know youa re thick but you don’t really understand what this means. It time limits Corbynism for a start, and even if you nasty bullying thugs got to Downing St, you still need solutions. And you don’t have them.

You call people sad, call people melts, and you encourage abuse of women, and anyone else who notices what a thick twat you are, and how you and your mates prevented anyone from discussing the reality of austerity so you could do what you are doing now.

Am going to leave this here because it’s funny. It’s funny that you thought the a complex educated working class were ‘the poor’. Its funny that you thought ‘the poor’ could get a ‘can do’ attitude through forced labour and abuse by benefits systems. Its funny that within a year of writing that, you and your mates were actively preventing the poor from challenging austerity, that you went on to disable a political party and are now abusing anyone you like, and calling welfare cuts, tuition fee bribes, and abuse and intimidation of single mothers, socialism. It’s funny that you and your mates were stupid enough to use twitter and provide future scholars with a written, chronological record of how you did this. It’s funny that you never once considered that twitter is not ephemeral and you might be leaving a lasting trail. It’s almost as funny as you standing in front of the mirror practcing your pout and curling your biceps while you try to impress old has been’s like Paul Mason. It would all be funny if you and your mates weren’t now suggesting that the ability to apply entryism techniques to CLPs entitled you to assert sovereignty over parliament(no sweety, it’s not possible…sorry).

You would be a lot funnier if you didnt require women and jewish people be terrorised for your movement, and if so many people hadn’t died as a result of the austerity you prevented discussion of. I’m going to leave a snippet of your article here Aaron. I want to thank you, because of what you lot have done, by the time this mess has done, I have three books on the disintegration of the mediating class. It’s going to take us years to gather the name of the people who died while you took their only chance to fight austerity,

I have a record of you demonstrating the purpose of the elite left was upholding the neo liberal consensus at all costs. That’s those welfare cuts that are left in the manifesto, that’s the neo liberal consensus right there. You are a bit of a melt really. A pouting ambitious but very thick boy, who saw the bodies of welfare claimants as steps to a career tweeting shit and making podcasts for no money. You selling out would be funny if you’d made any money, but you literally did all that for a twitter profile. Stepped on the bodies of the dead to be King of a Chatroom. Bloody hell Aaron, at least most people who do stuff like that have a price. The Labour Party are letting you out up front so you can expose yourself and be dealt with. I don’t know why they bother, you are so fucking dumb you do the work for them.aaron


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