Democratic centralism

MPs work for their constituents, a wide variety of competing interests, within the boundaries covered by their office. They are required to use their judgement and balance those competing interests. Their constituents vote on the MP by name, not the party, the party gives a manifesto as a guide to what will shape the actions of that MP. Listen to Matt Zarb and other Corbynites, as they claim that MPs should be delegates of party and as they assert sovereignty over elected representatives, and assert that established entryism techniques are valid. Their assertion of sovereignty over elected representatives is a direct challenge to democracy itself, it is a direct attempt to remove representation from constituents and parliament, and therefor people, to take it and give it to a tiny, self-appointed, and unaccountable clique. It is upheld by abuse and intimidation. Today Centre left journalists at mainstream publications will be pretending they do not know the difference between democratic centralism and democracy. Like the differences between North and South Korea are not self evident. They will be doing this because they have no qualms about democracy being eroded, if it is in their interests.

Jeremy Corbyn and his followers are clearly stating, that austerity has been an opportunity to impose democratic centralism as a means of completely disenfranchising millions of people. Corbyn is evidence of inequality demonstrating political risk, of elite social closure of power of labour and his attempts to centralise power around his elite clique render Labour an invalid political force.

This is heartbreaking but it has happened. Note today which journalists are pretending they do not know the difference between democratic centralism and democracy. Take note of those discussing party unity in full knowledge that is unity behind attacking democracy, abuse and intimidation of women, jews, and journalists.


One thought on “Democratic centralism

  1. You are so right (as you usually are) and this has been going on for years. So many people I know said they voted for Thatcher or Blair, but actually lived nowhere near their constituencies. The amount of my students who said they were voting for Corbyn this time around was staggering, especially as we live in the East Riding. They sincerely believed his ‘money tree’ philosophy. Great post by the way..


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