This will not pass?

I used to read about the holocaust like any other person for whom it was history. A symbol of something terrible, terrible people who did terrible thing. A jewish MP has had her constituency taken over and is being threatened with the following demands. She is to obey anti-semities and regardless of winning an election, with HER name on the ballot is to be forced to abandon her constituents and obey anti-semites, who demand her obedience and unquestioning thought obedience to their leader. Sarah Wollaston’s office  has been vandalised. LAst PMQs, a female Tory MP described disgusting abuse from people who behaved like animals and urinated on her office. Jeremy Corbyn looked at her and then donned the corpses of Hillsborough victims. Like he watched an anti-semite drive a Jewish MP from a meeting, and then laughed and promised to swap texts with her abuser.


Tomorrow, we will see which journalists, which commentators, will normalise this. And we see how the holocaust happened. We see which journalists and commentators can pretend this is not a major political event for their own gain. Pay close attention to who they are as they have lighthearted arguments about polls, and public sector pay. Oh it’s just a Tory. Oh it’s just disobedient Labour MPs. Oh its just people who won’t pretend the Labour manifesto didn’t contains welfare cuts that made IDS blush. Its fascism is what it is. It’s now and we are witnessing who will assist it with no single regard for the consequences.

You do not capitulate to this, you do not let it pass, you let this pass and you are telling everyone who you are. You are disgusting.


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