Labour bending the knee

Last year Corbyn asserted control over the Labour Party by tearing it apart, inciting abuse and intimidation of his MPs, and this year after they lost the election in their elation, Labour appear to have bent the knee. Do I blame them? No. I think that within the party there are moves afoot to recover from this, and while am not entirely sure they will be successful, I understand it. I understand their fear after last summer, I understand why the shock at finding an election win may not be far away changed things. But here is what is not excusable. The criminal levels of incompetence, ignorance and lack of basic morality of so called journalists bending the knee.

Claiming they were wrong about him, even though they know they were not. The Labour Party has an excuse, the journalists(and I use the term very very loosely) orbiting labour, have no such excuse. All their moral objections to Corbyn have disappeared. Journalists like Abi Wilks, who enjoys solidarity and support when se is abused online, is quite happy to sell out women to be terrorised by her comrades if there is something in it for her. The hacks at the New Statesman who are now licking his arse, telling everyone Hard Brexit is what the country wants and Corbyn is just playing some magic game of chess, where he always despises the EU, undermines the Remain campaign, uses the Brexit vote to generate instability and then sacks his Shadow Ministers when they disobey but is really playing a super secret long game./ We already knew Owen Jones was like this..

Disobedience is treachery now the man who never did anything but rebel is in charge. Apparently Jeremy will never be stronger and they have to change the rules so he can’t be budged before the two week poll lead he managed in two years disappears. Journalists like Jonn Elledge who now thinks journalism is deciding what’s best for labour. Or journalists like Adam Bienkov who cant even recognise the difference between democratic centralism and democracy, like the differences between North and South Korea dont apply if you add the word Labour and Left. They are showing they are craven and venal, and with every vacuous utterance they writem hasten the death of their industry.

The extraordinary abuse and vitriol released and normalised by these people could get someone killed, but you know they don’t give a fuck. They saw austerity as an opportunity for the cnetr eleft, and in their efforts to whitewash it for Labour they released Jeremy Corbyn, and now the craven fucks are happy to attempto the throw the country to the wolves for their own gain. Luckily their shitty little publications are dying, they only listen to each other, and Corbyn mania is a delusion in their heads that is just not reflected in reality or off facebook.

British public are smart., These people are stupid. Very stupid. History won’t remember them kindly. Corbyn can only end one of two ways really. He becomes so toxic that it damages Labour for good, or he gets power and there is a body count and the atrocities carried out in his name define the step to the next stage in our history. Either way, these journalists are demonstrating how a vacuous and ignorant echochamber of a political media destroyed this country. I very much doubt any of them will still being published in three years. The reason they only talk to each other is noone else is stupid enough to validate their amoral shit.


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