Corbyn’s pathological lies

Jeremy Corbyn has taken the Trump thing and run. I think he needed to justify why he used welfare cuts that can’t be delivered, that in the context of rising food prices will cause direct harm to women and children, to pay for a bribe of middle class students. So he just outright lied. Paul Mason says that he isn’t capable of lying, which is astonishing given his relationship with the truth is somewhere akin to Donald Trump. He stood and told a crowd who thought they were marching against austerity(as per usually when Labour organise these things, they weren’t) that working class young people were not going to university. What’s interesting about this is is made it into his speech, even though FactCheck had already admonished him over this falsehood. You can take a squizz.

Anyway, the reason Corbyn needed to do this was this. George Osborne loaded a load of undeliverable welfare cuts to this year, 9bn to be precise. Corbyn upheld 7bn, mainly those hitting women and kids. Working class families. These are families who have borne 7 years cumulative cash transfer cuts. Cut, after cut, after cut. These are understood not to be deliverable at all, not politically, not logistically, and not without abody count. Working class women and their children made to suffer, sadism. Corbyn upheld these cuts to pay for a bribe for middle class students tuition fees. Which was entirely costed. A direct transfer from the very very very poorest children in the country, the actual food from their mouths, to the most privileged young people in the country.

He didn’t do this out of malice, he just ‘forgot’. He forgot that was the vote that Labour MPs were abused and physically intimidated for abstaining on, he forgot that John McDonnell was swimming through vomit to vote on them, he forgot that IDS resigned over them because even IDS thought they were a tad too far. Corbyn decided that they were not. That they were an easy way to pay for rich students. And so today he lied to a crowd and told them that working class kids were less likely to go to university than they used to be. THis was a blatant lie. Most working class kids don’t even see their student loan as debt in a way that we understand debt, because you don’t pay it back til you are earning enough so it doesn’t matter when you are skint. He was lying because he wants to hide that his manifesto literally took food out of the very poorest children’s mouths to give to rich kids. Because he likes rich kids, they don’t really know enough to know he’s full of shit. And given he took away every single means by which women could challenge these welfare cuts, including their trade unions, he felt he better lie to the crowd and tell them they were nice and tere to oppose austerity.

Noone on #notonemoreday was there to oppose austerity. Many thought they were, but actually they were there to pressure for a hard brexit and for welfare cuts that would make Iain Duncan Smith. He decided people were gullible enough to help him campaign for permanent austerity, draconian welfare cuts, and hard Brexit, and most people there were stupid enough to believe they were. They were there to demand a political force who rely on abuse and intimdiation, impose draconian welfare cuts, and to demand a hard brexit which would guarantee a very long period of austerity. The idea that this man does not lie is laughable. Paul Mason’s statement that this is so, merely another symptom of his epic mid life crisis. Anyway. Corbynmania is a bust. The elation over their lost election has fizzled. Depending on which opinion poll you read, Labour are barely managing a 5 point lead, or have dropped back down to second place depending which poll you believe.

In the two weeks of his entire tenure that Corbyn managed a poll lead, he demanded requisition of private property, his Chancellor tried to incite insurrection and overthrow of the goverment several times, he used tragedy and major incidents to generate instability, and MPs were threatened with deselection. He sacked his Shadow Cabinet Ministers because they dared to fight for the Brexit that the people voting for him thought they had asked for. The left are out in force explaining that hard Brexit is just him playing the long game and its not that he has been opposed to te EU since its inception, and explaining that welfare cuts which will kill people are not actually austerity any more. Obviously everyone has to pretend so that the Labour left can abuse and intimidate people, mainly jews and women, and they are busy telling everyone 500 quid is not a lot of money, and if people wanted to be in his movement they’d have stumped up for Glastonbury.  Today Corbyn was out practicing lying, to try and get us our hard brexit, and lying to cover literally demanding food from the mouths of the very poorest children,to justify giving it to his elite brat following.

These people are revolting but their hubris will see them done in. Here’s hoping Labour as a Party can recover quickly.


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