So what’s your alternative? The Tories?

They watch you being abused. They watch people call you traitor. THey watch the relentless of it, they watch the people who pretend they want a conversation with you so they can gaslight you into pretending you are not being abused on behalf of a political leader with a lot of money and a lot of power. You say this isn’t right, there is no way a political force trying to address inequality needs a single mother who spends her life studying and living with inequality to be  to be abused. You say it’s not right that in a modern democracy a political force is reliant on abuse and intimidation. You say it can’t be socialism to abuse a single mother in poverty on behalf of a clique of Oxbridge graduates with money and power. You say this is distressing, and its relentless and it never stops. And they say well what’s your alternative? The Tories. And you are not allowed to answer that question because when you do you are a traitor who deserves to be abused. And what they have said to you is you need to understand your abuse is part and parcel of their needs, and they require you to accept it. And will abuse you if you don’t.

The reflex response to financial instability that focused on women like me was shared, is shared, and is still reflected in the Labour manifesto. Only Labour need to be abused on top of it. Tories don’t abuse me morning till night.

What’s your alternative to women being abused day in day out? Corbynites not doing that. Their leadership not encouraging it and tacitly approving it. What’s your alternative to women and jews being abused? The Labour Party stopping them and telling them this is not acceptable. What’s your alternative as they tell you there is no alternative, your abuse is essential to their movement and you complaining is treachery. And all of a sudden you know what you are to these people and what they would stand for. And you know what will happen if these people get power and you realise that for the first time in your life the Tories are the safer option. Because if these people get power they have permission to do what they want to you. And noone will ever stop them.


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