Beginning of the end

The problem with crisis is this, you can be so focused on surface events, especially if they are frightening, you don’t notice the underlying shifts. Its fair to say that policy makers do not quite yet know that we are in system failure. THey don’t know our cash transfer can’t go on much longer, they dont know the same is true of Local Authorities. There has been no change in policy making cultures, media are still vacuous, labour left are arseholes and the Tories can’t even do Machiavellian they are so crap.  But they know they are in trouble.

I don’t know when the next election will be but I know this: The manifestos will be competing on welfare reform. Not in Rachel Reeves, we’ll be the tougher than the Tories, but competing for proper welfare reform. They will be competing on public sector pay.. They will be competing on Local Authority services. They will be competing on Brexit. The polls are turning re: Brexit and the Tories are frightened and in disarray. We should all celebrate weakened frightened Tories. Corbynmania has probably overshot and Labour’s survival instincts should start kicking in. We know see if both can recover in time to prevent system failure, its unlikely. But the beginning of the end is here. Public pay cap lifted, I confidently predict that by Spring the use of our welfare system to abuse still be grinding to  a halt and if we are smart, if we use this time, if we do it right, whatever else happens we can make sure it’s never used this way again. They might even find the will for a bit of consensus and working together….nah that’s just too far.

It’s always darkest before dawn, fact is we do have to learn how to run these systems properly, we have to do a lot more with a post brexit less, and that means not using them to abuse people but using them to manage inequality.

I feel better than I have about Corbynmani, cos an opinion shows bubble is not quite reflecting the hubris shown. I still know Labour have a solid body of decent MPs, and I think there is probably recognition across the board that change is needed. Its long overdue. Its been an exhausting seven years and its not over yet but the beginning of the end is here. Either way.


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