Gayle Newland

10 counts of penetration without consent, rape by any other name. 2 years psychological abuse, including the complete creation of a false reality with multiple fake identities engaged in psychological abuse and coercion. Victim was then reabused by media, who said she was gullible, and the problem was she was the perpetrator of harm because she was too picky, homophobic. My heart goes out to her victim who has never been treated like the victim of a gross and serious sustained and repeated sexual assault. Sentencing of Gail Newland reflects the crime she committed. She didn’t ‘trick’ someone into sex. It wasn’t a jolly jape. She took over two years of this womans life and made it about rape, and then had her reabused by media. And media played along like the woman devastated at the centre should just accept her life, her body, her autonomy over what goes inside her body, was nothing. A serious sex offender was treated like a victim and her victim was reabused repeatedly by media.


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